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  • Not a bad start "The Furious Common" 53lb 12oz
  • Equalled enough said
  • They don't call him "The slayer of fish" for nothing Grey Plated
  • "Soft focus" insane the quality of carp caught this week
  • Nice one Harris!

Not a bad start "The Furious Common" 53lb 12oz


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 20/08/2022

Uncle Wodkas Oblivious!



With a lake exclusive this week and a few half decent anglers booked on and Dovey, Spoons and Wildboar tagging along we were going to see what the boys were made of.

One thing for sure is they where going to have to work for it with the fishing slowing down at the backend of last week.

Did this phase them, did it heck they were all biting at the bit, pummelling me for information all the way around the walk around and were gunning for the draw.


Warren Dolan was 1st off the mark fishing in Stock Pond landing a 24 lb mirror, he followed this up with two more at weights of 33lb and 23lb, German rigs with match the hatch fishmeal boilies fished at 28 wraps did the damage for two of his bites with his third coming off the edge of the gravel plateau in the corner at 22,5 wraps,no a bad effort from an unfancied swim.


Meanwhile neighbour Jake Wildboar next door in Pole Position wasn’t s itting on his Laurels and after having a bit of a nightmare with crack offs and faulty line (I had a little giggle sorry mate), he soon found his rhythm, finding a very small clear area at 27.5 wraps slightly left of the usual 28, s.

6 AM the following morning and he was away slipping the net under “Soft Focus “at 49lb 6oz, he went on to follow this up an hour later with 2 C’s at 51lb 2oz.

He followed this up with Equalled at 44lb 12oz “The Grey plated” at 47lb 2oz and 3 x 30 pounders including “Mad Max”at 39lb 6oz, not bad to say he came 10th out of 11 in the draw.

German rigs and bottom baits were weapons of choice fished over a very heavily glugged prototype Krill boilie.


Next on the catch sheet was Scott Dove in Oblivion AKA “Uncle Wodka” a proper chap who loves a swill, loves a giggle and by the way is “TOM DOVES UNCLE”.

After deciding not to go “Long Long” an area was baited at 19 wraps towards the Poplars at the Beach.

After 2 days of “blanking his arse off” the buzzer screamed and a 28lb mirror was in the net, followed by another 33lb mirror two days later, much to the applause of all the lads who had been watching our Temp bailiff Ben do a great job unweeding it from the boat.

You would have thought that the immaculate had been caught off that noise that went up, well done mate.

Wafters with pink toppers fished on IQ2 D,S doing the do.

Kev Atkinson fishing in Treeline managed 2 x 20s in a swim that many didn’t fancy, spinners and pop ups were tactics of choice fished very tight to the margin over a small amount of particle and crumb.


A very clever move paid off for Fred Jewsbury who after not feeling it in Baxter’s moved into Scotties Corner after seeing them in the weed bed there.

Stealth and precision are the order of the day in this swim so solid bags were deployed and after loosing his first take to a hook pull, he managed to slip his net under the second.

The absolute worldy known as “Patched Fully” was his prize and at a new PB of 53lb 6oz it was smiles all around all the lads came over for the pics and buckets leaving a very happy Fred on cloud 9, top angling mate!!


Paul Harris or “Arris” to the boys in the know worked hard in Bobs Beach working two areas of 15 wraps and 20 to produce 3 fish for the week.

His biggest being “The Centurion” at 42lb 4oz, Slow sinking maize pared with spinner rigs fished over particle and royal marine boilie were tactics of choice.


So, what about the ever-competitive rivalry between Spooner and Dovey?


With Tom coming out better in the draw (standard issue hey Spoons), he chose Co’s Point.

It didn’t take Dovey long to get into the action, landing his first fish on the first morning and it wasn’t too shoddy either.

“The Furious Common “was his prize at 53lb 12oz looking like a bar of gold and looking like a great session was on the cards.

Alas this wasn’t to be the case, no amount of effort could draw them back to the long spot, something different was needed.

After seeing fish showing short for a few days Tom decided to fish an area short at 17 wraps to the right of the swim, this paid off in the form of “Alcatraz” at 52lb 6oz and he managed to follow this up with a 31lb mirror.

Tom fished a mixture of topped bottom baits and Slow sinking maize on Spinner rigs at 17 and 30 wraps.


So what about Spooner I hear you ask???


Only bloody blanked didn’t he!!!!!!!



Just Kidding



Neil usually has a bit of bad luck on the draw but this time he did ok coming out 6th and managing to get The Stink.

A swim that allows you to fish long or short and that’s just what he did fishing 2 long 1 short to hedge his bets and see where the fish where.

At first it would seem the fish where short with the first capture coming on the short rod on the first night in the form of “Fynn’.

A couple of days went by with no more indication the fish where there and opposite to Dovey his long spot went on to produce with another 2 fish coming off there “Josh’s” at 37lb and “Sammy” at 43lb 8oz.

Snowmen presentations on Spinners doing the business.



All in All, not the busiest of weeks on the main, but the fish it did produce were top draw.

There was loads of laughs, beers and banter along the way too and I’m personally looking forward to bailiffing this bunch of reprobates again next year.

Keep your eyes out for this vlog later this year it will be a good un.

Thanks to Lewis Porter,

Mate them pics are unreal

Until next time