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  • Rich with Slate Grey!
  • Rich's rig of choice!
  • The Dustbin!
  • Little mesh bags of goodness did the trick!
  • What a way to finish!
  • MEGA
  • Yellow toppers for the win!
  • Such a cool carp!
  • Action shot!
  • Good average size for Russ!
  • Maize gives you a lovely hookbait colour alternative!
  • Not a bad start to the week!
  • Get on the smart liquid!
  • Double Trouble for Andy!
  • Snags Linear was friendly this week!
  • Uncle G!
  • AirCon!
  • First night Success!
  • This is certainly one to watch!!
  • Shane with a nice one on dark!
  • Proper Bruiser!
  • Another nice one for Andy!
  • One for Dave!
  • PB Ritual!

Rich with Slate Grey!


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 27/08/2022

A clean sweep!!



Lets get down to business! With some very excited anglers itching for the gates to open we had a walk around and got back to the lodge for the dreaded draw!! This is what happened throughout the week…


Lets start off proceedings with Richard Day who fancied his chances in Co’s Pointfor the week! His first few days started off slow fishing the usual spot out at 28 wraps into the pond and it wasn’t until Tuesday night that he had his first bite which turned out to be one of the super stockies “Dustbin” at 53lb!! The following afternoon another bite came in the shape of a mid 30 mirror, morning came the next day and a lovely scaley original “Scrappy” was in the net!! Things started to slow down again for Rich so he decided to drop 2 rods in close (catapult distance) and fished d rigs with little mesh bags of crumb and pellet casting to fizzers and catapulting a few freebies over the top! This resulted in another 2 50lbers in his last 24 hours! “Slate Grey” at 54lb and then last knocking on Saturday morning he landed “Apple Slice” at 50lb 4oz! What a session. Rich baited throughout the week with 20kg Royal Marine in 15s and 18s and 10kg of house pellet fishing D rigs with match the hatch wafters over the top…


Next up we have Russ Greenhalgh who after having a good session there previously decided on Alcatraz for his session! Fishing 2 rods at 28 wraps just to the left of stink in the recently raked area and one rod at the same range towards the “Scary tree” (feeling for drops amongst the patchy weed…Russ used snowmen set up on the clear spots with an 18mm hardened boilie and a 12mm yellow topper. 3 fish came from the raked spot! The Clean fish at 58 lb was the pick of the bunch! 3 fish came from his left hand rod which was fished on a spinner with a match the hatch oily cork ball pop up to present him in the low lying weed on the bottom, landing “The Virgin” at 55lb, “Makers Mark” at 47lb and “AWOL” at 41lb 8oz…mega average size on this spot!! Russ used 25kg of RG Baits Crab and 20kg of maize for the week over both areas! 


Andy Norris dropped into Alamo and was full of confidence after his mega session in The Stink earlier on in the year! Deciding to fish all 3 rods towards the clubhouse at 17 wraps using solid bags it didn’t take long for him to get amongst them going on to land “Snags Linear: at 49lbn 10oz on Saturday evening just on dark! Andy lost a few during the middle of the week and a few rig tweaks he landed a another 30lber and 2 20’s to back up the biggun at the beginning of the week! Baiting with 5kg per day of Cell, Maize and House Pellet! 


Andy Reynolds came out 12 and was shocked when Pole Position was still available! Without hesitation he got to work having a plumb around close in and decided to fish all 3 rods at 13 ½ wraps to the “Scary tree”…catapulting 5kg of a Royal Marine and Atlantic Heat boilies and a couple of spombs of maize over the top, he topped the spot up with a kilo of boilies and a couple of spombs of maize each lunchtime if not fish were caught or showing. After a fish however he rebaited with another 5kg hit of boilie. It took a few days for them to find it. He landed Uncle G on Tuesday at 33lb 8oz and on “Snags Linear” on Wednesday at 49lb 12oz! lots of fish on him on the Wednesday and we were surprised that more bites didn’t come. Andy used N trap D rigs with match the hatch wafters over the top!


Chris Clarke decided to fish in Bobs Beach as he never gets to go in there so thought he would give it a go. Fishing a little bit further than most in there at 27 wraps he stuck to his Solid bag tactics over bait which works in pretty much every swim he fishes! Landing 4 fish for the week the pick of the bunch being “Aircon” at 38lb 6oz! Chris’s bites came on white popups in his solid bags fishing with Aquabaits Hot Shrimp and maize!


Mark Walford set his stall up in Treeline for the week and had a bite on Sunday morning fishing at 17 ¾ wraps to the 2nd gap on the Treeline margin, a 42lb common known as “The Night Watchman” this fish was landed on a Royal Marine bottom bait on a blowback rig. Mark baited up with 20kg of Royal Marine, 10kg of maize and 5kg of pellet for the week.


Phil Newman went into Big Southerly and got off to a quick start landing a 26lb 8oz mirror from the hump at 25.5 wraps towards Alcatraz, over Atlantic Heat and Royal Marine with a match the hatch bottom bait tipped with SSM maize, 3kg a day on each spot and he managed to nick one right at the death a lovely 35lb mirror on Saturday morning!!


Up next we have Paul Norris who went into Oblivion and started out fishing long at 120 yards and after seeing fish activity much shorted he pulled back to 80 yards mid week and caught one on Wednesday afternoon. “Oddball” was the prize at 45lb and this is certainly one to look out for!! Another one came on Friday in the shape of “The Vain” at 35lb 10oz! Both fish came from 80 yards at Beach on a link bottom bait snowman tipped with a pink squid pop up on a spinner rig. Baiting with 25kg of boilie, 10kg of maize and 5kg of house pellet for the week!


Shane Hull went into Big Girls and had a very early bite in the shape of “The Exclusive: at 38lb 4oz and had to wait until the last night to get back into the action with a lovely 35lber! Shane baited with DNA Bug and Mainline Cell boilie with some maize thrown into the mix. Baitning up from the far bank and fishing the pipes spot at 23 and a spot towards the spit at 25.5 he landed the fish using white wafters on a German rig…


The third Andy of the week Andrew Gibbens fancied a go in Baxters Hole, one that he had never fished before he was keen to get started! Fishing solid bags at 18 wraps and baiting with hemp and boilie he went on to land a real brute of a stockie “The Constructor” at 27lb 12oz and “Louies” at 30lb 3oz and “Roy” at 24lb! The bigguns didn’t show up and the fish definitely moved away on the latter stages of the week!

Dave Faulkner fished in Stock Pond and managed to nick a couple of 20lbers for the week, it was hard going in this swim and he worked really hard for his bites, fishing IQD rigs with Pink Hydra hookbaits both fish came from 25 wraps towards the pipes in the corner of the stock pond margin, baiting up from the bank with Hydra boilies and maize!


Last but not least Mark Davis fished in The Stink and fished all 3 rods at 40 yards straight out in front. Sticking to his guns Mark managed a lovely scaley original on the last night, “Little Plated” at 35lb 12oz, this was landed on a choddy with a pineapple pop up cast just off his bait into a little weedy area!


33 fish out this week with over 40 bites its fished well! Everybody caught fish and went home smelling of carp which is what we want all the time!! The hot summer continues and we are desperately due some rain, so lets see what next week brings!


Until then,


Tight Lines,