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  • Cos with Lennies!!
  • Great start to the week for Cosmin!
  • Ant with Nelson
  • Love a scaley!
  • Nice way to finish the week!
  • Pecky with The Koi!
  • Parker!
  • Buzzing with that one mate!
  • The ever consistent Mr Clarke

Cos with Lennies!!


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 03/09/2022

Peckers Teckers


A new week on the horizon and some familiar faces on the bank, everybody was looking forward to the draw! With the first rainfall forecast in weeks and big SW winds towards the end of the week everybody was chomping at the bit to get the draw done and get cracking!!


Cosmin Truta on his first visit to the Main Lake fancied his chances in Pole position for the week. After a chat with me about the spots in the swim he had a good feel around with the leading rod and managed to find 2 spots he was confident in! One towards the Stink at 27 ¾ wraps where the silty gravelly area meets with the thicker silt and one to the left towards the “Scary Tree” at 15 ¼  on a silty bottom just short of a weed bed. The first fish of the week came on Sunday night to his longer spot on a Royal Marine match the hatch wafter. Chop Dorsal at 48lb 10oz! What a way to open your Main Lake account…another 2 on Monday night one from each spot had Cosmin oozing with confidence going into the back half of the week! It went quiet for a couple of nights after that but Cosmin was confident in how he was fishing and was sure if the fish came back and visited then he would have another chance….Last knocking on Saturday morning they did turn back up and one of the best commons in the lake graced his landing net! Lennies at 50lb was the prize…what a leaving present! Cos used 25kg of Royal Marine 5kg of house pellet and 10kg of mixed hemp and maize for the week, fishing match the hatch wafters on multirigs…good angling mate!!


Ant Lloyd decided on Alamo for the week and didn’t mess around getting into the fish! Landing “Nelson” at 40lb 8oz on Saturday night! Ant fished 2 rods at 100 yards towards Baxters fishing knotless knots with a straight out the bag bottom bait, a little mesh parcel of crumb and pellet knicked over the hook for a bit of extra attraction. This was followed up by two lovely scaley originals of 39lb and 38lb! The bites carried on into the middle part of the weejk for Ant who was baiting consistently with 20 spombs a day of DNA Bug and maize. Another 38lb original and a 31lb 12oz stockie to round the trip off for Ant. It went quiet for him after that but not a bad week at all considering it fished hard! Well in mate!!


Geoff Longley was buzzing to get into Big Southerly and get started! Fishing 3 spots, 14 towards the marker pole, 25.5 towards Alcatraz on the hump and then a little gravel area at just over 80 yards to the right of Alcatraz. Geoff is a very very good solid bag angler and this was proved pretty quickly when he landed a mega 44lb common from just to the right of the marker pole. The following day the fish had moved down into the snags behind the pole in numbers and after a 37lb common early in the morning he followed this up with “Lashes” at 49lb and another mirror of 32lb 12oz! Geoff was just flicking solid bags filled with lots of goodness to fizzers in no mans land! Good angling mate…Last night bigguns again as he went and landed “Heart Tail Common” at 45lb 8oz from the 25.5 spot! `



A very familiar face in the shape of the carp catching machine that is Mr Darrell Peck couldn’t resist a September week on the Main Lake. With the forecast weather to be smacking into the Stink/Alamo side of the lake later in the week Peckys plan was to get a spot ready and waiting for the wind to swing as the fish normally do get on the end of a S/SW wind especially when it’s a new one! Coming out mid table in the draw he managed to get himself into the Stink! After plumbing around short and at range he found a couple of spots he was happy with. One at 30 wraps straight out and one at 17 wraps towards the 2 Poplars. It was a slow start to the week but fish were showing out long so we were confident the longer spot could produce fish….low and behold the middle rod pulled up tight in the middle of the day on Tuesday and he was attached to a powerful 47lb 4oz stockie called Parker! It went quiet again for Darrell until Thursday night when at 2am the same spot produced a fish that doesn’t come out very often….”The Koi” at 54lb!! Mega buzz!! Both of Darrels fish came on snowman presentation on his multi/combi rig! Baiting with 30 spombs a day of Link/Cell and a sprinkling of maize through the mix…The weather swung and we had some biblical storms but the fish backed off the wind instead of getting on the end of it, which was bad for Pecky but good for the other side of the lake which we will move onto next…


Chris Clarke on his 846th week of the year dropped into Baxters Hole and fished 100 yards towards stink with his ever faithful solid bags fished over a good bed off Aquabaits hot shrimp and maize. Chris had one on Monday night at 30lb 8oz “Milano” and then it went quiet until the last night when the wind swung and the fish moved onto the back of it. Chris had a double take and then another one 20 minutes after landing the first two. 32lb, 27lb and 30lb! Saved it till the end mate but you’re always consistent. Good stuff!!


John Allen dropped into Big Girls for the week and tried something a bit different, he baited for 2 days and didn’t fish with the idea of letting them come in for a free munch and get nice and confident on the spots…2nd night of having rods in the water he landed a mid 30 common from the 23 wrap spot to the pipes, SSM was the hookbait and John had baited heavily with Maize. Fast forward to the end of the week and John had one on the last night a 30lb mirror from his longer spot at 26 wraps towards the spit! 


Radu Mitrea dropped into Stock Pond and had a quiet week but he managed to save a blank with a 25lb scaley that he caught last year! This bite came from down in the right hand corner fishing washing line style to the gap in trees with a couple of scoops of crumbed boilie and maize on the spot.


Well that’s it for another week on the Main….Big weather changes incoming and these fish really need to start getting on the munch ready for winter! Let’s see what happens next week…


Until then, 


Tight lines,