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  • Two Time!!!!!
  • Scotts first fish of the week!
  • Lashes first time over 50!
  • Catch report made the catch report!!
  • Don't get Lippy mate!
  • Lukes baiting approach!
  • Such a cool carp!
  • Spinners and helis for the win!
  • Not a bad weeks angling!!
  • Business end for Luke!
  • An old friend returns!
  • What's in the bag??
  • DFs Pellet mix!
  • Crayfish maize! absolute edge!
  • An absolute Peach!!
  • Bags are on fire at the moment!

Two Time!!!!!


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 10/09/2022

A good time time for Two Time? Don’t get Lippy mate!


With the weather starting to turn more Autumnal and some bigguns due out the lads this week were really excited to get going!! This is how they got on…


Lets start things off with Scott Hesling who really fancied a go in Big Southerly!Deciding to fish solid bags as they have been so deadly recently! Scott had a bite on his left hand rod towards the marker pole on his first night landing “Sasquatch” at 48lb 14oz. Scott baited with 4-6 spombs over the top of each rod using Baitworks Atlantic Heat and house maize, he had to wait until Monday night for his second bite of the week in the shape of “Lashes” at its first time over the magical 50lb mark! This was recast to the spot at 15 wraps towards the lodge and just before first light he had an absolute enormidon in the net….”Two Time” at 73lb 12oz … top weight and its first visit to the bank this year! Well done mate!! Another quiet evening and then Wednesday night one of his other spots reduced a mega 47lb 12oz mirror called “Catch Report” this came from a little gravel spot at just over 80 yards! Scotts 5thand final bite came on Thursday night, a 31lb 4oz stockie mirror from 12 wraps just to the left of the marker pole! All of Scotts fish came on solid bags with 12mm pink pop ups for hook baits… what a week!!!


Next up we have Mr Luke Perry who got himself into Alamo for the week and was excited to get started! Luke found a smooth clear area at 28 wraps to the left of Beach. Baiting with 30 spombs of Manilla Active, House Pellet and lots of cloudy Manilla liquid and put 2 rods on it, deciding to drop his 3rd rod in short at 17 wraps over the clubhouse, 10 spombs of the same mix went onto this spot. His first fish…a 32lb stockie came on Sunday evening from the long spot and then a lovely 40lb common named “Cameron” was landed at 4pm Monday afternoon! A great start…After seeing fish consistently showing towards Baxters Luke decided to have a little plumb around a bit closer in and found a small clear spot at 25.5 wraps and baited it with 20 spombs on it moving his left hand rod from the 17 spot onto this one. Also topping up the long spot on Tuedsay afternoon with 5kg of straight Manilla active. As night fell a typical slow pondering big fish bite occurred on one of his long rods resulting in an epic battle and one of the best commons in the lake “Lippy Common’ at a new top weight of 68lb 4oz slid over the net cord!! What a result! But the night wasn’t finished there when an hour later his new spot towards Baxters pulled up tight and another mega original “The Leather” at 48lb on the nose was in bag! Luke used safe zone leaders with heli safes, spinner rigs made up with size 4 Kurv Shanks and match the hatch Manilla pop ups! Well done mate great angling!!


Up next we have The Gaffer DF who set his stall out in Bob’s Beach. Deciding to fish all 3 rods close at just over 60 yards he fanned his rods out in an arc. Fishing one spot with just pellet with plenty of his much-loved hot sauce, One spot with mixed maize and hemp and one with a sprinkling of Mainline Fish boilie. He managed two bites on the first night a 28lb 12oz scaley original from the pellet only spot and a 35lb 8oz stockie from the particle spot! After a quiet spell he moved his right hand rod and jumped it across a bit further left and mixed some of our crayfish from the traps into his particle mix as the fish absolutely love this natural food source! A couple of hours after dark on Sunday night “Long Common” graced his net at a new top weight of 55lb 4oz, after some pictures and a quick laugh about me bivvying up in the back of the swim to stay and do pictures I rode back to my caravan only to receive a phone call as soon as my head hit the pillow!!  “I’ve got The Peach!!!”  47lb 6oz of the finest Gigantica scaley! One of if not the best scaley in the lake and one that is on everybodys list…including the Gaffers!! It went quiet for the rest of the week as he introduced more bait to try and get the fish interested as they were passing over the spot. Early hours on Saturday morning he winkled out a 26lb 12oz common that was slipped back ready for another day! All of DFs bites came on solid bags with his spicy oily bag mix (available onsite at Gigantica) with half a boilie cut down and a single grain of SSM for a topper