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  • "Pips" at 70lb 8oz nice one Ben you don't mind the mrs landing one on your rods when you've had one like this
  • "The Dustbin" back up in weight and looking solid crazy to think this fish is only 10 years old big things to come!
  • 1st PB for John "Baby Weld" at 51lb 4oz
  • 2nd PB "Buzzing Fish" at 65lb well done mate
  • "Spotty Leather" looking solid and in mint condition for Jack at 64lb 4oz

"Pips" at 70lb 8oz nice one Ben you don't mind the mrs landing one on your rods when you've had one like this


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 17/09/2022

Full House


This week on the main lake we had Ryan Mullins annual lake exclusive with 12 anglers joining us.

With a lot of anglers fishing short the week before with mixed results a lot of lads decided to fish at range.


Tim Koch who drew ball number 1 settled in Co’s Point and was very glad he did.

Deciding to fish 28 wraps towards the flat oak, baiting with 5 kilos of pellet and fishmeal boilie to start and topping the spot up on a little and often basis was his opening gambit fishing multi rigs and wafters over the top.

Action came straight away in the form of “Jayden” at 38lb 4oz and continued all week catching multiple 20’s and 30’s before the larger residents turned up.

They came in the form of “Bernard’s” at 50lb 4oz,” The Furious Common” at 57lb 8oz and topping it off with the magnificent “Baby Cluster” at 65lb 4oz finishing the week off with 14 fish.

A great session considering he hadn’t been on the bank for 12 months and most of his bites were in the daytime.


Jack Bailey fishing in the right-hand side of The Alamo was also off to a great start, landing “The Spotty Leather” at 64lb 4oz on his very first take and following it up with another two 30lb commons.

Doubling up and fishing the left-hand side of The Alamo was Dan Trowbridge, after initially choosing to fish short a change of tactic was made to go long with solid bags which nicked him a bite before coming back and settling on a 28-wrap mark.

Working as a pair and both fishing on the edge of the baited area which paid off big time for Dan in the form of 15 Gigantica Carp including multiple 30’s and 40’s the best of which were “Baby Pawprint” at 45lb 8oz and “Parker” at 47lb 8oz,putting the icing on the cake with “The Dustbin” at 54lb the best of a 8 fish hit that evening.

Both chose to use solid bags with pink dumbbell hook baits, well done fellas some solid angling.

Ben Oakes fishing in The Stink also started very well landing a low 20 followed by “The baby Leather” at 35lb following it up the day after with something a bit special in the form of “Pips” at 70lb 8oz what an awesome creature.

The action quietened up for Ben then but not for girlfriend Gemma Bailey who was attending the rods whilst Ben was having a toilet break, the buzzer sounded, and Gem played and landed her personal best carp on the fella’s rods, proper woman “Lennie’s” was her prize at 49lb 12oz well done girl.

Tuna wafters paired with combi blow back rigs fished over odyssey dumbbells and house pellet produced the action.


John Stuart in The Beach also had a great session breaking his PB twice with “Baby Weld’ to start with at 51lb 4oz then smashing it again with the “Buzzing Fish” at 65lb also having “The Leather “at 47lb 12oz and “Two faces” at 42lb,

25 wraps producing the goods for john fishing at the rocks between Alamo and The Stink using snowman baits on D rigs.

Roy Prodger in The Big Southerly managed a low 30 before slipping the net under “The Upfront mirror” at 53lb deciding to fish at 24 wraps left of Alcatraz using snowman presentations on blowbacks, fishing over mainly boilie with a little particle.


Adam Aldridge in Baxter’s put in a stoic performance landing 4 carp up to 39lb using a multitude of tactics and spots, from bags under the rod tip to wafters over bait at 25 wraps

Chris Clarke fishing in Big girls managed a low 20 on the 25-wrap spot using wafters on a D rigs over a little boilie.

While Kia Sanger left it late in Treeline catching 2x 30lb stockies in the last 48hrs before slipping the net under “Wrap Around” at 44lb,solid bags down the treeline and fished short doing the do.

One fella who deserves a special mention in my opinion was Matthew Jordan who worked his socks off all week in Oblivion finally slipping the net under one in the form of “The Vain” at 36lb after feeding an area at 30 wraps towards The Beach, well done mate your positivity paid off.


So, what about event organiser Ryan Mullins in Pole position?

Well Ryan decided to buck the trend and not fish the regular spots instead choosing to go long at 32 wraps towards The Stink fishing a boilie only approach,

Looking for the “Big uns”.

Well unfortunately they didn’t turn up, but he did manage 7 takes landing 6 carp up to 32lb using Snowmen on German rigs.

Not quite the result he wanted but a good effort anyway to give us a full house for the week.



The lake is starting to take on its autumnal colours now and the fish are looking fantastic all coming out at big weights.

Who knows what next week has in. store??

Until next time ya filthy animals all the best