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  • Chris with Shoulders 66lb
  • Chris with Spotty Leather 65lb 12oz
  • Steve with La Boheme at 51lb 4oz
  • Jeff With Chester at 45lb 12oz
  • Steve With Long Spot at 43lb 8oz
  • Jeff with Buzz's Half Lin 41lb 12oz
  • Geoff With Squeaky Clean at 40lb 2oz

Chris with Shoulders 66lb


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 15/10/2022

Whisky And A Fag? 



Part of the furniture Chris Clarke came out second in the draw and made his was to Big Southerly. With this being one of his favourite swims and being very kind to him in the pass he knew what he needed to do. He found a spot 25 wraps straight out and fished all three rods on it. And on his first night he landed Shoulders at 66lb, a very nice start! He then went on to catch a few more but to his surprise the Spotty Leather rolled in the net at 65lb 12oz. Not a bad week landing 8 fish with 2 60s amongst them. Chris was fishing boilie and corn with bags over the top. 


Jeff Wong made his way to Stink fishing 30 wraps toward the tree trunk left of beach with two rods and 16 wraps towards the two poplar trees, only the long spot produced fish for Jeff and on his first night he landed Chester at 45lb 12oz another good start. Then on the following night he repeated the prosses and caught Buzz’s Half Lin at 41lb 12oz. jeff went on to catch another two stockies but then slowed up. He fed 6kg of boilie and maize each day with bags over the top. 


Steve French (the 1%er) came out last in the drew landed in Scotties Corner, Steve spent 5 days blanking but in true Frenchie style and never giving up on Thursday night he landed Long Spot at 43lb 8oz. then on the Friday night  he went on to catch La Boehme at 51lb 4oz! Steve was fishing all three rods at 15 wraps spread out with 20kg of boilie catapulted over the top. 


Callum in pole manged to land 1 stocky at 30lb fishing 28 wraps towards Alamo. He was fishing corn and boilies with bags over the top. 


Geoff Longley in Tree line kicked of his session with the Patch Lin at 30lb then after that the fresh stockies moved in, after catching a few of them he was sure there was a better fish on the horizon so kept going and his efforts was rewarded with Squeaky Clean at 40lb 2oz, Geoff was fishing 16 wraps left of stink and 5 wraps down the tree line.


Roy Prodger made his way to Alamo it was a very slow session for Roy but he still managed to put a couple in the bag, a 20lb mirror and a 35lb mirror. He was fishing boilie with D-Rigs at 32 wraps towards Baxter’s. 


A very slow week for most on the main this week but with the crayfish having eggs on their tails and the water still being warm, a cold spell is needed and I’m sure they will get their heads down for a winter feed up. 


Tight Lines