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  • the Blackmoth with the Buzzin Fish
  • Steve French with Robs Rig
  • Steves Solid bag approach
  • The solid bag legend himself
  • simple yet affective straight boil approach!
  • Chris with the furious common
  • Buttercorn at a new top weight!
  • Chris's rigs ready to be deployed!
  • Terry with Wipe out
  • inside Terry's bait bucket
  • Terry's set up which done the business

the Blackmoth with the Buzzin Fish


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 08/10/2022

The man the Myth the Legend as he is known, Steve French had a game plan and jumped into Stock Pondin hunt of the target! Set his stalls at fishing 16 wraps in clear areas amongst the weed, fishing a widespread with his rods in-between. Taking the stealth approach Steve never spodded once all week and applied 8kg of boilie a day via a throwing stick! Bait was manilla, krill and the bug. Then fishing his ever-faithful solid bags over the top proved effective, catching most nights! Ending the week with 9 carp with the pick of the bunch being Robs Rig at 55lb and a new top weight for this super stockie!! 


First timer to the Big G Terry Barber pulled out ball number 1 in the draw and jumped straight into Co’s Point.Setting his stalls out fishing at 28 wraps towards the tits. His baiting approach was 7kg a day of 60% pellet and 40% boilie (the herb from hand craft baits and bait works Creamio). Terry Caught Steady throughout the week, getting of the mark with a 26lb stockie Sunday evening.  Monday evening it kicked off landing 2 40lb commons! These being in form of the Centurion at 43lb15oz and wipe out at 44lb14oz. Although ending the week on 8 fish, he was unfortunate not to pick out another main lake chunk. Terrys rig approach was a combi rig with a pink almond wafter. 


Chris Evans jumped into Big Southerly and fished at 25 wraps to the left of Alcatraz. Although only landing 3 fish for the week, couldn’t have been happier with the 3 belters he landed. With the first fish coming just before first light on Tuesday morning, this fish was Makers Mark at 48lb. the next bite came early Wednesday morning this time it was a fish called Buttercorn at 53lb!  The best fish was yet to come, early afternoon Thursday, Chris landed the furious common at a new top weight of 59lb12oz! Chris’s approach was constant baiting of mixed particle and boilie between 4-6kg a day. Then fishing combi rigs over with top with white or pink signature squid wafters. 


Bill Hogkin went into the Beach and set out fishing 15 wraps after seeing fish showing at that range. Despite the fish being active in the area, bill only managed 2 fish for the week in form of Donovan at 40lb 4oz and the Growler at 39lb. Baiting up lightly with a throwing stick each day over the area is what produced the fish. Bill caught one fish on a combi rig with a quid wafter and the other on a Solid bag after the first time of trying them. 


Will Ward Aka the Blackmoth, came out lake in the draw and ended up in Treeline, finding a clear area at 20 wraps towards the stink. Will baited with a throwing stick (only because he broke every other catapult on site first!) putting a good spread of link boilie out and fishing a combi rig over the top with a link wafter tipped with fake maize. This paid off for will as on Tuesday morning he landed the Buzzin fish at 63lb! buzzing he was indeed!! Only having the one fish for the week it was still a result!


Dennie the Italian stallion went into Alcatraz and set out at fishing at 27 ½ wraps over the clear spot which was raked early in the summer. Baiting with to 5/6kg of fish meal boilie and maize each day. After being given a solid bag masterclass by one of the other anglers Dennie was soon into a couple of fish. Ended the week with 3 fish with the biggest being a 36lb stockie. 


Steve in the Stink left it late in the week, but he kept trying and on the last night he managed a 32lb8oz common. This was caught at 20 wraps towards the beach. baiting the spot daily with Krill active boilie, pellet and mixed particle at a rate of 6kg a day of mainly boilie in the mix. Steve’s rig choice was spinner rigs with fake corn.


The Gaffer ended up in Baxter’s and despite a frustrating start to the week unable to get into the fish, he managed one in form of the terminator at 48lb12oz. Persevering with fishing short at 14 ½ wraps over a large spread of boilie applied via a throwing stick. Dan baited with 25kg of boilie over 4 days and then applied solid bags over the top. 


Until next time 

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