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  • G with Sammy! Biggest of the week for him
  • The set up of choice for Gareth
  • consistency is key!
  • The winning combo!
  • One for the future that's for sure...
  • Give em the boilies!
  • The newly named "Candles" Happy Birthday mate
  • Awesome creature
  • They love the Isotonic on the Main Lake
  • The Koi in all its glory!
  • One of my favourite carp in the lake this one!
  • Carls bait mix...
  • Well angled sir!
  • Ready and waiting!
  • Solid bags for the win!
  • DF with "Luxembourg"
  • DF Solid bag set up
  • Jonny with Equalled, what a carp!
  • MMM with MC
  • Mike is considering a career in modelling...what do we reckon?
  • Fine figure of a man!

G with Sammy! Biggest of the week for him


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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 24/09/2022

There aint no social like a Korda Social!!


Well its that time of year where the Korda lads and lasses head on down to the Gigantica complex for the week, it had been a long time coming with COVID stopping the trip for a little while but everybody was raring to go! This is how they got on, on the Main Lake


Starting of proceedings is Gareth “Gino” Radley” who after the draw on Saturday, drawing 5th, and choosing Co’s Point, opted to start fishing on the spot that the previous weeks angler had caught from.  Putting in 5kg of bait (pellet and Boilie) to start with on this area, but then watching fish activity during the first 24 hours showing around the known ‘tits’ spot at 28 wraps he then decided to move onto this activity, again at 28 wraps and another 5kg bait being deployed with just boilie on this occasion.

First bit of action came on Sunday evening with a fish known as ‘Lone Survivor’ at 37lb 9oz, and then also another on that night in the shape of a 25lb common.

Monday’s action resulted in a couple more bites.  Landing one of the 2018 stock fish ‘Percy’ at a new high and first time over 40lb for this fish at 41lb 8oz and then later in the day one of the stockie’s known as ‘Hampton’ weighing 22lb.

More bites followed Tuesday, landing one known as ‘Bucko’ just before breakfast at 31lb 9oz and then one of the original scaley Gigantica carp ‘Stinger’ at 25lb shortly after breakfast.  A flurry of bites early doors was the only action for that day.

After pacing the swim and much water watching it took just over 24 hours until the next bit of action.  Another of the growing stockies ‘Jayden’ at 40lb’s on the nose, and what an amazing looking fish it is too.

Thursday came and with an early morning bite and a fish weighing 30lb 8oz gracing the net, it turned out to be one of the 2018 stock fish that we have no previous catch records of.  So with this being caught on Gareth’s birthday and the fish not being previously named it has now been christened ‘Candles’.  

Being an early bite, he was hoping for some more action, but it wasn’t to come until shortly after mid night.  This time being a mirror weighing 37lb 8oz called ‘James’.

With a very foggy Friday morning Gareth managed a 34lb 4oz Common, and once the fog had lifted and he had managed to get the rods back out accurately with some more boilie he went to manage his biggest fish of his trip.  Landing ‘Sammy’ at a new high weight for this fish being 47lb 4oz.

Throughout the week Gareth was baiting up once a day, introducing 3-4kg a time of just boilie, being Baitworks Atlantic Heat being covered with Krill liquid and C-Stim powder.

Gareth started the week with a couple of different set ups, but all his early bites were falling to his running rig so by Tuesday all his rods were fished on running leads, with rigs made from Hybrid Stiff, size 4 Wide Gape hooks and long lengths of shrink tube.   This did then produce bites on more than just the one rod. 

Hook baits were matching bottom baits to what was being fed with small white toppers soaked in Garlic Goo.


Next into the mix was Carl Hoyle who’s has had his fair share of fish from the Main Lake. Coming out 8th in the draw there wasn’t much choice left, he had fished Oblivion before so knew how to maximise it by fishing longish close to the swim boundary! The key is to find the weedbeds and fish close to them on the clear areas! With an accurate and steady baiting approach required! Carl found an area he was happy with at 28 wraps and baited with 4kg of Mainline Fyber and prototype ISO Sweet, chops and whole with a few scoops of hemp/maize with lashings of hemp oil for good measure…The key to Carls success this trip was to bait up early and have rods out and set by 2pm! His bite time was late afternoon so had to be ready for the onslaught! Baiting with 5-6kg per day and landing fish most days with “The Clean Fish” at 60lb 1oz, “The Koi” at 55lb 10oz, being the pick of the bunch, but also landing “Squeaky Clean” at 37lb 12oz (what a caro that is) and “The Murth” at 35kb 5oz! All of Carls fish fell to 15mm banoffee wafters with isotonic tippers fished on IQD rigs. Well done mate


Next up we have DF “The Gaffer” who was astonished when he drew ball 6 and The Alamo was still free, especially after what had happened in there the week previous! It was tough going for most of the lake, after plumbing around he found a spot at 28 wraps that he was happy with and decided to fish solid bags over a decent amount of bait. After a quiet couple of days and after a bit of a hairy boat battle, Gaffer had his first carp of the week in the net! “King Fully” at 43lb 10z! what a ridiculous creature and one that he hadn’t had before! Fish activity slowed down after that so he decided to put a solid bag at the same range but away from the baited area, this paid off in the shape of a mega common called “Luxembourg”! Didn’t quite unlock the code this trip but all information stored for the next one in a couple of weeks!


Jonny Mann  next and as with his previous trip on the Main lake at Gigantica he pulled ball 12, last choice. He chose Stock pond to reside in for the week for two reasons one is that he felt it gave him a couple of different options on the fishing front and two it's a sociable swim and Korda trips can be particularly sociable.

Jon spent the majority of Saturday afternoon plumbing the area to gain a good understanding of what lay before him. For his left hand rod he chose a gap in the weed at just 7 wraps, the middle rod a smoother area in amongst gravel at 12 wraps and his right a similar smooth in gravel at 9 wraps.

All three rods were fished the same with 3.5 oz running Skyliner inline leads, 8 inches of Darkmatter braid, size 4 Widegape b's blow back style. Hookbaits were 18mm Hybrid bottom baits and each rod was baited with a liberal sprinkling of boilies from a throwing stick and a couple of Spombs of pellets laced with Hybrid activator.

He nearly didn't fish the first night as he likes to rest corner swims and there had been a lot of commotion with all the plumbing. Good job he changed his mind as he landed the impressive Equalled at 45lb 8oz about one in the morning.

Nothing happened the following night but on Monday he had two more carp both in the twenty pound bracket.  That was the last of the opportunities for me that week although a few carp did continue to visit his little corner he couldn't entice another one to trip up.


Last but not least we have Mike “MMM/CEO/HOPALONG” Isted who dropped into Pole Position for the week, fishing all 3 rods at 28 wraps towards stink with spinner rigs and SSM Baiting with 2/3kg of straight corn per day. Mike managed to land M.C at 24lb and that was his only action for the week. 


With lots of fish caught over both lakes, a mega time had by all everybody is already looking forward to next years social! 


Untill then,


Tight lines,