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  • Peter with Baby Cluster 66lb
  • Peter with Split Pec at 64lb 4oz
  • Peter with Tank at 50lb
  • Peters Rig
  • The Bait
  • Per with the Vicar at 62lb
  • Per with PIeree Cardin 62lb 4oz
  • Per with Digites at 52lb 8oz
  • Per's Rig
  • Close Up
  • Per's Bait
  • Alamo
  • Aunders with Smokey 30lb

Peter with Baby Cluster 66lb


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 22/10/2022

The Return Of The Vikings!


This week we saw eight Danish return for their yearly trip and as always they didn’t disappoint. They landed 37 fish in total with some proper jems in amongst them, read on to see how they managed to land some of Giganticas finest. 


First off we have Peter Milter, Peter came out first in the draw and with no surprise to us all, after its recent form he jumped in Big Southerly. On the first morning my phone was away with a phone call from the man him self with the words “its big”! When I arrived in the swim and looked in the net he wasn’t lying, Baby Cluster spinning the scales round to 66lb, a very good start for peter. After catching a few stockies the following night he then went on to catch Tank at 50lb a new 50 for Gigantica! He then went on to catch another belter Split Peck at 64lb 4oz. Two 60’s and a 50 in the first three nights the man was very happy. No more big ones for Peter after that but he still caught steadily for the rest of the week, ending on 9 fish. Peter was fishing 26 wraps towards the club house, feeding 22mm boilie only with D-Rigs matching wafters over the top.


Per Hansen made is way to Alamo, Per found a nice spot at 27 wraps towards Alcatraz and on his first night he landed a lovely 36lb mirror and this was just the begging for Per. Per had 20 bites in total landing 19. The Vicar was his first beast at 62lb around dinner time and this happened ever day like clock work Digits was next to slip up at 52lb 4oz! He then went on to catch Pierre Cardin at 62lb 4oz. Per was spombing around 5kg of 22mm boilies a day with D-Rigs and matching wafters over the top.


Pedder Lichtenberger started in Baxter’s and with no action on the first 2 nights and with plenty of shows in Oblivion he decided to make a move and this payed of for him landing 2 fish up to 42lb 5oz. Pedder was fishing 30 wraps towards Baxter’s just past the weed bed feeding 22mm boilies and D-Rigs matching wafters over the top.


Thomas Meyer landed on Co’s Point. Thomas managed to land a stockie for his efforts, fishing 29 wraps towards the tits feeding 22mm boilie with combi rig snowman over the top.


The BFG Anders Frank started in Beach but a after a slow start and no fish he moved into Alcatraz. Anders decided to fish the pegs limit at 130 yards just past the weed and this payed of with two very quick bites, the biggest being Smokey at 30lb. Anders was feeding 22mm boilie with D-Rigs, match the hatch wafters over the top. 


Myself, I managed to get the rods out this week and decided to fish in Stock Pond, I managed 5 stockies up to 29lb. One rod to the right of Alamo at 16 wraps and a foot, one at oblivion at 17 wraps and one towards the pipes at 16.5. Feeding 18mm link with a throwing stick over a large area with solid bags blow back rigs. 


A very big change in action this week compared to others, is this the beginning of the autumn feed up? They seem to have tuned in onto the boilie now. Although no change in weather and still walking around in shorts and tee-shirts something has changed. 


Until next time, tight lines.