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  • Dave with the superheats Clarkeys!
  • Mega times in the Beach
  • Close in, kept it simple, look at the result!
  • The Real Carp Hero!

Dave with the superheats Clarkeys!


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 01/10/2022

The Frampton boys and the Carp Hero…


Well after waiting what seemed like an eternity for their trip to come round, it was finally here! The gates were opened and the lads were filled with excitement and anxiety with the dreaded draw around the corner! A quick walk around stopping in every swim to have a chat about spots, rigs, bait etc and we were ready to rock and roll! Some real good anglers on this week and they didn’t disappoint!


We shall start off proceedings with Dave Gawthorn who set his stall out in Co’s Point for the week. Deciding to fish 2 areas, 1 at 28 wraps towards the tits and 1 in close at 17 wraps just to the right of the flat oak. Baiting the long spot with 20kg of straight boilie for the week this produced 2 bites, 1 landed in the shape of a 36lb 6oz mirror on the first night! This fish was snared on a homemade 16mm wafter on a combi rig set up. His short spot really produced the goods however landing a 51lb 8oz mirror known as “Sasquatch” on Saturday night, this one fell to a solid bag with 2 grains of yellow SSM. As day was breaking on Sunday morning however Dave was greeted with one of the Gigantica superbeasts…”Clarkeys” at a whopping 75lb 4oz! Also falling to a solid bag, Daves bag mix consisted of 2mm pellet, salmon fry crumb and then injecting with hydroslate/liquid betaine! This close spot was baited with 10kg of pellet and 4 small tins of corn, feeding little and often every 6 hours! Dave lost a goodun midweek but this was to be the only action, not bad for your first trip to Gigantica!


Next up we have Chris Dimery who fancied a go in Bobs Beach and certainly went home a very happy man! Fishing at 25 wraps straight out and baiting with b5 boilie and pellet using around 15kg for the week. D rigs over the top with a b5 flouro hookbait did the damage. Landing a 32lb stockie on Saturday night he had to wait until Tuesday morning for the next opportunity and boy did he take it! Landing “Spotty Leather” at 66lb! What a buzz…But wait, theres more! After seeing lots of fish activity down his right hand margin he flicked a single bottom bait towards the area he heard the shows, no more than 20 yards out…This produced “Patched Fully” at 58lb 10z! What a way to finish the session! Well done mate


Lee “The Carp Hero” Picknell up next and he dropped into Treeline for the week. Fishing towards Alamo at 16 wraps baiting with 100 14mm boilies and spombing ½ kg of pellet every night. He landed “Mammut” at 55lb 8oz halfway through the week on an OCB bottom bait, he then went on to land a 38lb 4oz mirror on Thursday morning using the same tactics. Well angled sir.


The better half of the devastating pairs competition duo Karl Palmer managed to knick a worldie of a carp out of The Alamo in the shape of “The Cheese” at 51lb 12oz! This was caught on a solid bag fished at 15 wraps towards the clubhouse. He persevered with the solids for the rest of the week but this was to be his only action!


The other lads managed of a few of the lakes smaller residents between them and a mega 47lb common coming out of Baxters Hole on the last morning! A special mention has to go out to Dan Throup who I saw more of this week than I bargained for that’s for sure! Sticking it out in Stock Pond and saving a blank at the end!  One of my favourite weeks of the year this has been, mega bunch of lads, good banter and lots of laughs! Next year can we leave the mankinis at home please boys!! 


Until then,


Tight lines,