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  • Talked this one onto the bank J...Two Time!!
  • Solid bags for the win!
  • a lovely 40lb common
  • J's bait mix that did the job!
  • This fish gained 16lb in a year, between captures!!
  • Target acquired!
  • Boosted pellet helped Marcus catch!
  • Another 60lber! Easy this fishing lark...
  • Running some boilie through his mix also!
  • Only a 48lber this one...
  • Keeping it simple!
  • What a carp! Well done Matt
  • Boilie approach in Scotties as well!
  • Matts rig of choice for the week!
  • Greg got off to a flyer in Bobs Beach!
  • Little Stringers of joy!
  • Jez with the blank saver!
  • Standard P.B Buckets!
  • Dave with his first carp from the Main Lake well done mate!

Talked this one onto the bank J...Two Time!!


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 29/10/2022

A Bump, a scrape and a 70lber!!


After a mega week had by the Danes previously, everybody turned up with high hopes and full of confidence. With some big S/SW winds and a big pressure drop forecast a couple of days into the week, would it shake things up? Read on to see how the lads got on…


I have to start proceedings off with Jamie Wilson who after an absolute nightmare of a journey getting to the lake managed to get himself in his 1st choice of swim, Co’s Point. It was steady going from the off for Jamie. 2nd night in he landed a stockie, the next night he landed 3 more up to 30lb. Jamie was fishing at 29 wraps to the tits with solid bags and a nice sloppy mix of pellet, crumb, whole and chopped boilies and lots of liquids for good measure. Deciding to bring one in off the longer spot and try one short to his right, 15 wraps towards the mistletoe (you’re welcome J) This spot produced a mega common called DC-10 at 40lb, he then landed another really cool one that is certainly an eye opener for the growth rates of the homegrown fish that we stock in the lake. Stocked at 14lb in Jan 2021, it span the scales round to 39lb 12oz in November 2022…Crazy! This one was from the longer spot but Jamie wasn’t finished there. He had been talking a 70lber onto the bank all week and boy did he deliver!! Coming from the short spot again, Two Time at 73lb 8oz! What a ridiculous result! Jamie baited the shorter spot with a kg of boilie every day with some hemp and corn run through the mix to bulk it out…very well done mate!


Next up we have the main man Marcus Leek who had a bit of a mental session on his first visit to the Main Lake! Deciding to fish The Stink for the week. Fishing his left hand rod to Alcatraz at 14 ½ wraps to a clean silty area and starting off with 2 rods at 27 wraps towards Bobs Beach. Marcus had a take from his long spot first morning and did land a 24lb common later in the week from this spot, but it was the close-range work that did the damage! A fish that we haven’t seen yet this year graced the bank falling to his right hand rod, “The Target” at a whopping 67lb 8oz! this was followed up by a 27lb mirror whilst we were photographing the biggun!! After this craziness Marcus decided to bring his other 2 rods back to a similar range as the left hand rod, still aiming at Bobs Beach he was baiting this area with 20 spombs at midday and then 10 spombs after dinner!  This approach landed him “Chester” at 48lb 8oz, and another mega carp…”White Lines” at 66lb 4oz! Not bad going ay?? Marcus used house pellet boosted with hydrolysed fish extract and 10mm boilie, all his fish fell to solid bags with yellow cellnapple wafters inside! He got through 20kg of boilie and 10kg of pellet for the week…


Matt Curtis up next who dropped into Scotties Corner which really suited his tyle of angling! Starting off with 2 rods out between 15 and 16 wraps in the entrance of the bay, baiting with a few kg of Trent Baits fw shrimp and active nut over the top with the throwing stick. 2 pop ups went on this spot for the first night, right hand rod was fished at 16 wraps towards the clubhouse, this one was fished on a snowman presentation. 1st night produced 2 stockies on the pop ups, so Matt decided to switch one rod over to a snowman presentation over his baited spot. 2nd night this change worked! Landing “The Koi” at an impressive 57lb 4oz! What a result! Bites slowed up after this but Matt kept trickling the bait in. Thursday night he changed hi right hand rod presentation over to a slip D with a shrimp barrel wafter and had 2 more Stockies! An overlooked swim fished very well…They get in the corners!!!


Next up we have Greg Jones who went Immaculate hunting in Bobs Beach (a renowned feeding area for the big common) Greg got off to an absolte flyer fishing at 20 wraps between Stink and Alamo. Blowback rigs and helis to combat the softer area he was fishing. Baiting with a Krill and Manilla combination and sweetcorn. He landed “The Weld” at 55lb 2 hours after casting out on Saturday evening!! It then really did go quiet for Greg, he managed to land a couple of stockies later on in the week! 


Jez Westgarth plotted up in Alcatraz and decided to fish it short fishing at 15 wraps towards Big Southerly, he managed to snare one on his last night after a quiet week! Baiting with Trent baits Shrimp boilies and maize. Jez fished normal rigs all week then switched over to Solid bags and the result speaks for itself! Landing a really cool stockie known as “Cheesy Quaver at 36lb 6oz!! Well done mate


Dave Hogan came out last and had a choice between Pole Position and Big Girls, choosing the latter he managed 3 bites for the week, losing one on his first night gave him the confidence boost that he had needed to ensure he had made the right swim choice. 14 ½ wraps at the bottom of the shelf he landed a 27lber known as “The Unwanted” and one of the new stockies. Good stuff mate!


Well a mega week had by all and lots of good fish coming out! Its starting to get colder next week, is there going to be one more big feed up before winter well and truly sets in? The trees are still green and it really doesn’t feel like Autumn yet! Crazy weather…lets see what happens,


But until then,


Tight lines,