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  • Guesty with Spences! MEGA
  • Gotta see both sides of this mega beast!
  • That tree is rather iconic now!
  • Misty morning mirror!!
  • Bosh! Heart Tail Common for Steve!
  • Ash with Half Moonscale
  • Final morning buzz!
  • Going to be a right bruiser this one!
  • Love this carp!

Guesty with Spences! MEGA


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 05/11/2022

Guesty meets Spences!


Another week looming on the Main Lake and a lake exclusive organised by Stef on the cards everybody was looking forward to it. Always a good laugh with these lads! With some new faces as well it was set to be a mega week…This is how they got on…


I have to start the week off with Lee “Guesty” Guest who got into his 1st choice of swim Bob’s Beach and couldn’t wait to get cracking! After leading around on the first day and after a chat with the bailiffs he opted to fish at 18 wraps to the rocks between Stink and Alamo, fishing solid bags with Monster Baits plum ice wafters for hookbaits. Landing 2 stockies on his first night things were looking good! Scattering 18mm plum ice around the spot with the throwing stick he landed another stockie on night 2. A big change in weather came and the fish moved off of Lee for a few days and he decided to make a little tweak, fishing all 3 rods really tight on a dustbin lid and fished a rod length behind where he had been baiting at 17 wraps! Still baiting at 18 wraps to keep some fresh bait going in the pond this tactic paid off massively when he landed “Spences” at a massive 76lb 12oz!! Then backed this up with “Tilikum” at 29lb 8oz later on in the night! Lee’s thinking behind the change of distance was that they were shying off the bigger beds of bait and feeding on the edges, good angling mate, making little tweaks like that really can make the difference!


Next up we have Jack “thunder thighs, dinner inhaling” Hierons who was buzzing to get to fish Co’s Point for the first time! Deciding to fish 29 wraps to the tits he baited with 20 spombs per day consisting of mainly boilie crumb, some whole and chopped 15mm and 18mm boilies and some sweetcorn, fishing IQ D-rigs over the top with 15mm wafters and squid tippers over the top on running lead clips. Jack did have a play around with the hookbaits starting on match the hatch but then the squid goo tippers started producing the bites, Jack landed 3 fish for the week with the incredible common known as “Lennies” being the pick of the bunch at 55lb! What a carp that is, he backed this up with “Red October” at 32lb and a 28lb common that done the Houdini before we could photograph it! 


Stephen Hurst returned to the Main Lake and dropped into The Stink for his weeks fishing, fishing a few different areas short and long when the weather decided to change in his favour he managed to k nick a bite on his short rod which was fished at 6 wraps towards the 2 poplars. Fishing a solid bag with crushed KSC boilie and pellet in the mix and an Xcelerate wafter at the business end he landed “The Heart Tail Common” at 52lb! Great result mate well done.


Ash Canning up next who set his stall out in Baxters Hole for the week, fishing at 18wraps between Alamo and Stink spombing a mixture of maize and urban boilie 15mm with lashings of hemp oil for good measure! Fishing combi rigs with 3 pieces of slow sinking corn on a heli safe leader system Ash managed to snare a lovely 40lber in the shape of “Half Moonscale” safe to say he was absolutely made up! No more fish for the week but a PB broken and a happy chappy on the drive home!


We have Dominic Colson up next who decided on Treeline and stuck to fishing solid bags all week baiting with 5kg on his first day and then trickling  1kg a day just to freshen up the spot, it was quiet all week for Dom until the last morning it all came good when he landed 2 fish, fishing 17 wraps towards The Stink, landing “Patched Lin” at 28lb 14oz and a new 2021 stockie at 32lb which is a ridiculous weight gain! Well done mate


 Dan Wilden fished Alamo for the week and decided to fish 15 wraps towards Baxters, baiting up with 5kg per day of boilie and sweetcorn. Fishing with Ronnie rigs and solid bags but when the Ronnies started producing he put them all on that favoured rig. Landing 3 stockies from the baited spot with washed out pink pop ups he decided to make a change later on in the week as the fish were showing further out, 28 wraps towards Bobs Beach and 20 spombs of the boilie/corn mix produced a mega original known as “Fight Club” at 43lb 12oz falling to a KSC wafter tipped with fake corn on a D-rig…Well done!