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  • Chris Clarke (Had it) with Chunky
  • Chris's Bags tied up ready for some action
  • Chris with Jayden
  • James Hayden with Mooney at 48lb
  • Roland with a rare visitor to the bank with Dollar
  • Sean with Tank at 49lb 14oz new 50 by next year?

Chris Clarke (Had it) with Chunky


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 12/11/2022

Who Takes Pictures Of A Recapture?

Well winter is well and truly on its way, with the leaves falling of the trees and the temperatures dropping yet it’s still warm enough for a BBQ in mid-November! With temperatures reaching 15 degrees during the days and dropping to high singles through the night it was feeling more like early autumn than knocking on the door to winter. With a couple of days of strong Southerly’s and overcast days would this spur on a feeding spell? 


First up we must mention venue regular Chris Clarke on his last trip of the year. Coming out late in the draw and yet surprised to get into Alcatraz. Taking the decision to fish long on the boundaries of 130 yards fishing to a hard spot to the left side of stink. Chris managed 3 fish for the week despite baiting up small amounts, all 3 fish came to solid bags over no bait. Chris landed 2 40s in form of Ugloe at 41lb and Jayden at 42lb. The Last fish was Something special being Chunky the second biggest fish in the lake at 81lb3oz and its first appearance this year! any other angler would be made up with the fish but to chrises disappointment he's already "had it"... either way what a way to end the year Chris. 


Sean Fehily came out first in the draw and jumped into the famous Co’s Point. Setting his stalls out fishing long at 29 wraps. Baiting lightly with mixed particle and chopped cell boilie. Managing one of the new babies on the first night. After no more action for a couple days, Sean reacted to what he saw with fish showing in close and deployed 3 bags at 16 wraps, that night he ended up with 5 fish. Putting a couple spombs over the top after each fish spurred on an extra bite or 2! The pick of the bunch being Tank at 49lb 14oz and Brownys at 39lb 12oz. This was it for the weeks action for Sean, top angling on a hard week paid off with 6 fish. We will take that this time of year!


Chris Burgess in the Stink, sat back the first 24 hours and watched the water fishing single a zig and 2 single hook baits cast at showing fish. Seeing a pattern of shows and having a lead about in them areas he set out fishing at 26 wraps at small holes in the weed and then short rods at 15 wraps either side of the swim on gravel areas. Chris’s bait approach for the week was a mix of site pellet, Boilie crumb with a few holes and corn with a good helping of matching cell smart liquid. Despite his efforts and ending the week with 6 fish! He kept bites coming but couldn’t get amongst the bigger stamp landing all stockies up to 34lb. Although the one that got away was the biggen he was waiting for… keeping him keen and eager to come back for more! Chris fished a combination of solid bags and Hinge stiff rigs with cell pop ups which kept the bites coming. Chris baited the 26 wrap spot with 3 kg a day and then a few spombs each day over the short spot of mainly crumb loaded with smart liquid. 


Roland Faragher aka Mr tumble went into Big Southerly and fished short all week setting his stalls fishing at 15 wraps towards the club house and then one down the left margin. Baiting with 2kg a day of Trent baits freshwater shrimp boilie. On Wednesday night roland had 3 fish all small stockies up to 25lb but with one of them he decided to take a Tumble into the lake while playing nit one pearl one with his rods! Managing to drop the rod and then still retrieve it and land the fish! Roland landed a rare one on Saturday morning in form of Doller at 36lb one of the few glass carp in the lake! Sticking to his guns Roland fished Combi Rigs all week with a match the hatch wafter. It was a pleasure having him at the lake despite many mishaps he was always smiling and laughing!! The sort of attitude we love to see as the colder months roll in!


James Hayden went into Baxters and was quick of the mark after finding a spot at 22 wraps introducing 12 spombs of cell and fiber boilie and fishing a yellow wafter on a d rig over the top provided a 48lb8oz mirror in form of Mooney. Unfortunately, this was James only bite for the week. 


Overall the lake produced 21 fish mainly the new stockies with a few gems thrown in. with the cold weather setting in will we have a big autumn feed up or is it going to fizzle out into winter mode! Only time will tell but one thing for certain all the fish are piling on the weight! 


Until next time