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  • Bill with his new PB 'two time'@ 42
  • Tom Yam yam with the incredable 'Fred' @ 48
  • Carl Yam yam with his new PB at 30.12

Bill with his new PB 'two time'@ 42


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Available Spaces
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Angler Comments

Good morning,

Welcome back to the latest installment of angling here at Gigantica.

A relatively slow week fishing wise but with such a great bunch of guys, another very enjoyable week.

With this weeks anglers mostly being Essex boys, with a few Yam yams ( brum boyz ) it was clearly going to be an enjoyable week. With indesicive weather and pre-spawning fish clearly irratable with not actually having spawned yet, it proved to be generally a slow weeks fishing.

Aide was first of the mark, with a rare Saturday night capture, a beautuifully coloured and well conditioned  32 putting the Yam yams on the score card. Fishing in Co's point with the ever faithful Mainline Cell.

When Gigantica first began, having one dominant bait was never our intention. We wanted everyone to have free choice and options to use a huge varying list of successful baits, however.

Its quickly become clear that to catch well, with the large multiple captures possible, using Cell isnt just a marketing ploy. The fish show a very clear preference for the Mainline bait and if you want to catch possible multiple captures, why use anything different. I see week in week out, other baits either fail to catch, or scrape out a few fish to claim success, where the Cell, just goes from strenght too strenght. It really is an amzing bait, and coupled with Mainlines amazing Indian Spice pop ups, form a devastating combination here. I want you to catch whilst here, its how we meassure our success, and using Mainline's Cell will help you as it catches a huge percentage of the fish caught each and every week.

Back to the weeks results, Carl Yam yam, had a good week in ' the beach' catching a couple but with the all important new PB at 30.12, result.

Bill & Luke drew Pole & Stockpond and whilst Luke fished well, he unfortunately  blanked however, Bill next door managed to smash his PB by miles ! a low 20, then a really gorgeous fish at 33 topped by the awesome'two time' at a new PB of 42 lb for him.

Simon & Tony in 'Alamo' toughed it out in the Alamo but with such poor set ups it was no wonder they struggled. Simons set up was tidied up with some 'Essex' influence from me and once all his bobbins and reel handles were straights, he managed to lure a nice low 30.l Tony however, had no chance, not even I could help him with the handles he had on his rods, he was clearly beyond help and so it showed when he went home with a dry net. Im sure his taste in rod handles would help him if he was clubbing baby seals, but as a fishing rod handle, OMG, no, simply no.

Chris down in 'Big girls" managed a new sneaky PB, with some fish entering 'Big girls' looking for spawning action. Good skill helped manage a 32 mirror from his margins, and a new PB for Chris so happy days

Saving the best till last, Tommy Yam yam, down in the Tree line, more than made up for his mid week lose of a possible 50 common, went on to net the incredable 'Fred' @ an all time high and a new PB to boot. Well done Tom, a right ol'result there mate. Well done !

So another great week over with, and I look forward to meeting this guys again in the near future.

Well in guys, and as usual, be safe and be lucky.