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  • Gage with his PB @ 32lb+

Gage with his PB @ 32lb+


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Available Spaces
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Angler Comments

Welcome back Gentlemen,

Mmmmmm, an incredably tough with with the fish, starting to spawn only to stop almost immediately !? Obviously, not the best conditions for angling and so it showed at the end of the week with a miserabe score sheet wise. With only 3 carp caught ?!

Adam & Gage ( the Jew ) in Stock pond & Pole turnt up late after there tour of Amsterdams red light district ! Adam went home fishless after an incredably frustrating week with huge numbers of sexed up fish cruising directly over his baited areas but with the rising water temps, only spawning was on there minds, not Adams offerings. Gage did manage to let one go ? but did land a really good looking mirror at 32lb, a new PB.

Gage has the images on his iPhone and will be sending them to me shortly, I'll add them to the report as and when they come in, a good result for Gage who used the awesome Mainline Cell and Indian spice pop ups.

Then we had the Pasty crew up from Tauton. John & his missus fished Alactraz, Dad & Mum in 'the Beach', Shad & missus in 'the tree line' and finally Bert and missus in Co's.

All the lads fished well in there chosen swims well but as the fish have still yet to spawn, it was always going to be a very tough week. Also, the water clarity was definitly playing a huge part of quite why it was just so difficult. During our last dive, the claritiy amazing and quite clear, that every bit of un-camoflaged rig components standing out like the obvious rig bits they were !

Dad missed a couple of chances, the sheer power and speed taking Dad by total surprise. Unfortunately, Dad never managed to bank any of the fish that pulled his string.

Glen fished - well fished is being too kind - Glen hid from anything furry or wild for the week in Big southerly and ended up paying Phil, in Oblivion a pound as Glen failed to catch a big roach as per there earlier bet.

Ricky let a decent one go, mid week in 'the Pink' and Tony ( Montana ) fishing in the 'stink' with cheese but jus couldnt manage a fish, nor could Sween in 'Alamo" with his home made fishmeals.

Whilst Phil never had a Carp, he did prove a big hit with the bream, taking an incredable 100lb+ in a few hours fishing helping us to diminish the bream stock to a managable size.

Carl however showed us how too fish by bagging a 44lb mirror and later in the week, a low 20 near the back end of the week. Im waiting for Carl to send in the images, and I'll get em up asap as soon as they arrive.

As you can see, a very slow and difficult week with the carp in an very irratable state, desperate to get the spawning behind em so they can get back to normal, and get some food down them.

Weve experienced all sorts of weather here this week and as I write, theyve been spawning for 48 hrs so Im hoping, there get back to normality very soon.

I much prefer to write up more posivity charged reports full of big hauls and even bigger new PBs, but until this spawning has passed ( under way so only time will tell ) log on next week and hopefully I have lots of news and great images for you to look at.

Until then, you already know, stay safe, be lucky.