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  • Oliver & 'The bearded Lady' @ 42lb
  • Ron & 'The turd' @ 42lb
  • Dutch John & 'The Giant' @ 74.08 - 34kg

Oliver & 'The bearded Lady' @ 42lb


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Angler Comments


Good eveneing Gentlemen,
I know a lot of you check this report week in week out and look for little bits of info and tips for your up coming trips, so this week, before we get down to what came out last week, a brief bit of information, which hopefully, will make your trips all the more enjoyable.
You’ve all read the magazine articles and watched the DVD were Dan kicks ass whilst using huge beds of the awesome Mainline Cell boilies.
Obviously, that situation will & does catch its fair share of fish, as has proven but, don’t be a slave to the method and just fish as per the DVD.
Think about whats happening on the lake when you’re here, the conditions and what is or more importantly, isn’t coming out. The huge beds of Mainilne Cell works so well when those fish are feeding hard, but in recent weeks, with the spawning – or not spawning – to be more to the point, carefully judging whats going on and baiting to suit has proven to be the most advantageous way.
Im here 24/7, and rather than just turning up and blasting in 10kg tubes of boilie, ring me – or mail me before. Get on the latest news and tailor your baiting strategy too suit. Whilst were waiting for them to get there annual sexual activities out of the way, the huge beds of bait are actually working against some.
Certainly, when several anglers have baited heavily, the whole lake has slowed significantly due to the fish, who are browsing the larger beds of bait without the competition for feeding, there just picking away at the huge beds, no mistakes – no pick ups.
Bait wise, smaller beds generate the competition whilst feeding, and its that competition that forces the slip up and you catching more than you would have sitting behind the big beds of bait. Weve all heard the saying, you can put it in, but you cant take it out…….
So, on with the weeks results…….
It was the only ‘quiet’ week of 2010. With only 8 anglers fishing, it would be the only week without extreme pressure the fish see week in week out. Would it make any difference. It would have if they had completed spawning, which they started Sunday through into Monday.
We saw what can happen here at Gigantica when there are actually eating. First of was Oliver from Germany in ‘Big Southerly’ on Saturday night with the ‘bearded Lady’ and a new PB for Oliver at 42lb. looking well considering the aggressive sexual encounters beginning all over the lake.
Next up, Dutch John had the ‘Defensive Linear ‘ from the ‘Tree line’ at 42lb, just one of our many beautiful 40+ linears were so proud of.
Over the other side of the pond, Ron was fishing in ‘Big girls’ and had an amazing run of fish.
Ron had begun in ‘Oblivion’ and lost one fishing down into ‘Big girls’ water, he made the right decision moving into ‘Big girls’ and HAULED.
Mirrors of 25lb, 33lb, an awesome 38 common, ‘the Weld’ at 42lb and ‘the Turd’ at 42lb finally topped by the huge framed ‘Twin’ at 54lb !! The ‘Twin’ having dropped a fair bit of spawn looked well, given the situation, such an ‘angry’ looking fish, went off well on the return.
Opposite, one of my best friends, paying a visit, quickly moved his hookbaits too the bar and in the main route the fish were taking, within minutes ‘ Dishy Dave’ had banked a chunky male, and at 34lb, his new best from Gigantica.
That was it !!?? as soon as the slaughter had begun, it was all over with. A brisk Easterly just taking the edge of the water temperature and putting a stop to the spawning activitys……..for now.
Open water fishing was a none starter as all the fish taking refuge in the marginal trees and then, out of the blue….
Dutch John down in the ‘tree line’ called me, as does everyone when a big fish is in the net and with excitement, I made my way down to him, knowing he had a big girl in the net. Which one could it be ?
John couldn’t get the fish out the water due to the size of it, and once I had it on the mat, we both peeled back the sling to easily recognize ‘The Giant’ and at 74.8lb – 34kg, a new lake record !!!
Johns Solar Club topped with atop banana pop up doing the damage for him all week, and later that night he added a mid 20 mirror…..not that he was worried, a truly awesome fish, and a right result for the Dutch monkey !
A few blanked, including me in Alcatraz. With all the fish in the snaggy margins waiting for another chance at spawning, it was a long ol’week but some excellent fish, including a new lake record so we cant moan too much.
Bring on the spawning, once and for all so we can get down to some serious hauling!! The weather set to ‘go hot’ next week so Im praying, this will be it, they’ll get it on and all sexed up, get finished and get there heads down for a long awaited trough up, lets hope so !!
As usual, stay safe, be lucky.