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  • Sparky with 'two time' @ 40.08
  • Rene with The 43' at 41lb from Big Girls after spawning in 2010
  • Dodge with his new PB, 39lb.

Sparky with 'two time' @ 40.08


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Available Spaces
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Angler Comments


Good evening Gentlemen,
Sorry for the missing updates…….nothing serious, I have been away on my summer holidays. On my return, we have had technical issues which, obviously, have been resolved today after having a new modem installed.
So, a few weeks worth of info to catch up with and I know your all waiting for up to the minute information regarding, tactics, the fishing and what fish have been caught of late.
Prior to me flying off on holiday, we had ‘suffered’  some very slow fishing due to several interrupted spawning. Mother nature seemingly conspiring against us, warming up sufficiently to get my babies revved up and expecting some scaly sex, then just as they got down and funky, a cold wind, heavy with cold rain would push in, dropping the water temperature enough to stop em in their tracks…..
Just like you and me, being stopped mid-flow did nothing for the Carps attitude and they seemingly drifted around in huge shoals, frustrated with the conditions. I and several clients sat in the tree line snags and watched, amazed as the real big fish repeated came in and roll and rub on the under water structures. They seemed very irritable and what with carrying the spawn and the now, too warm water making the fishing very difficult, we had very little to show for a couple of weeks.
You also have to remember that, we advertise Gigantica as a difficult water too catch from. Very few anglers come here and ‘smash’ it. It’s a tall order to come here – and all other big fish French holiday venues – drop on for a week and haul.
Gigantica is no different from any other holiday venue, in as much as were full, week in week out. Does your own local water see so much angling pressure ? I doubt it. Unfortunately, the days of coming to France and hauling huge catches of massive fish are long gone. To succeed well, you have to think exactly what your trying too achieve, be lucky in the draw and get on fish, then fish well – all on a water you may have never even seen…..
For those that do, and get it right, they do have some very impressive weeks fishing…….just ask some of our more successful clients.
So, back to the week prior to my departure. The only ‘quiet’ week of the year. Only 7 anglers booked on two of which were my very closest friends. Neil & Jay.
The draw complete, the anglers began setting up. Well spread out, but as the fish had yet to spawn, extremely hot weather it looked like it was going to be a difficult week, which is how I described it prior to the anglers drawing the swims.
Unfortunately, it was a difficult week, frustrating for most a fish showed in all the swims, but only under the surface, grouped up, waiting to get the sexual antics underway and finally relieve themselves of the growing irritability.
Gary  Smith down in the Tree line tried all the tricks in the book too no avail, however.
Neil and Jay fishing in Oblivion and Alamo respectively caught from day one.
Jay in the Alamo, fishing the known 70yds feeding area, managed to loose his French virginity with 2 fish, the biggest a mid 20. Neil however, fishing from Oblivion across to the tree line on the point managed to capture fish each and every night, ending up with 9 fish to mid 30lbs.
Mainline Cell, topped with hi viz yellow homemade pop – ups doing the damage. All the fish caught throughout the week were male fish.
So, I left site and immediately, they began to ‘do their thing’…….finally !
Amazing scenes for all to watch, and once finally out of the way, the fishing began to get back to what we expect at this time of the year. I understand that there were 12-14 fish landed – too low 40z being the largest- but unfortunately nearly as many lost !?
I’ll just touch on the high number of lose’s here throughout that week and generally, most weeks.
We try to advise our clients on arrival that longer hooklenghts and larger hooks, compared to their UK fishing, are advisable. The results have shown that using smaller, UK sized hooks certainly loose you more fish and throughout our time, certainly hooklenghts around the 12” length with size 4 hooks have been very successful. Big hooks……they are but so are the fish and with, generally, 20ft of water under the rod tips, our big fish make the most of it too chug up and down trying their best to shed the hooks. The bigger hooks have, over time, proven to be more successful with a much higher hooking to landing ratio compared to the smaller UK hooks that some of our clients like to use.
Now, the second week of my absence. I must say a massive thank you to Simon – the Chef- who, each year has stood in for me whilst Im away . He does a wonderful job in my absence and when he does actually fish, he generally catches a few as well. Not this time though….of the two weeks he was on site, he only actually fished for one night ! Thanks mate.
Dodge fishing in the ‘Stink’ caught a couple, a new PB as well at 39lb, pics in the report. Mark, who came with Simon for the duration, managed 5 fish in quick succession when they drifted into ‘big girls’ and Mark was quick to move and capitalize on em. Again, all male fish up to mid 30.
My good friend Rene, from Holland also got amongst em, taking several fish including a gorgeous mid 20 common, an awesome 30+ linear and ‘the 43’ spawned out at 41lb. Always good to see friends catch em.
So on my return, the catch rate rising steadily. Gaz, Wayne and Murphy in Stock pond, Pole and Alactraz – their second visit – Gaz having several bites, losing one, a red eyed monkey wrench and a couple of smaller male fish which were return too the stock pond to grow on and secure a better – higher average weight.
Wayne struggled but on Friday night, took advantage of a now vacant swim. Unfortunately losing two but bagging a lovely high 20 common saving Wayne from the blank. Good skills as well, making the move on the very last night, result ! Unfortunately, Murphy didn’t catch but they didn’t really get in front of him and you cant catch what aint there !
Tony and his beautiful Wife fished the Beach and Tony managed to nick a couple, a mid 20 common being the biggest.
Result of the week had to be Ziggy’s new PB whilst fishing the Tree line. Having travelled from Germany where he fishes a small syndicate lake, Zig smashed his PB with a 28common…..get in !
Zig’s wife, the wonderful Sandra lost a fish mid week, a hook pull from the tree line’s open water.
Hauler of the week, Mark ‘Sparky’ Hines, fishing in Co’s brushed of all the bait wind ups and fished well, with the ever consistent Mainline Cell, however, this time topped with homemade high flavoured yellow pop – ups. Mark had another great week, 14 fish – 6 losses and 2 new PB’s. Mark had ‘two time’ spawned out at 40.08 and then Galactica at a very impressive 44lb. Gemma, Marks lovely girlfriend even got in on the act by catching 31 roach ! Mark surpassed himself whilst trying to get a pic of one of his smaller fish. The fish, shy of having its photo taken, jumped out of Marks hands, and he produced an amazing back flip straight into the lake fully clothed…….we awarded Mark a 5.7 score, well done Sparks !
Christian, Zigs angling partner lost a fish in ‘Scotties corner’ unfortunately. Justin and Stuart fished a frustrating week, suffering from a growing underwater snag out in front of ‘Pink’ which robbed Stuart of several fish due to lost tackle. All was not lost though, with Stuart catching a couple of smaller male fish to save a blank.
Ive since spent an entire day dragging ‘Pink’ and removed hundreds of yards of old rigs – branches festooned with old line and braid and, amazingly, an entire ‘pole’ marker…….all 6M of it including its huge concrete anchor……now totally covered in Zebra mussels which, when all combined, have grown to be a major hindrance…… all removed thankfully.
Glenn down in ‘ Alamo’ watched day after day as the fish moved over him, showed heavily until they had eaten all his freebees. The frustration proved to much and after tweeking his rigs, he immediately bagged a low 20. After getting very drunk later that week, he also admitted some very disturbing news but that, I’ll spare you the gory details hahahahhahaha eh Glenn !!
Then finally, too Gary, my bruvva, fishing down in Oblivion. Its fair too say Gigantica hasn’t been to nice too Gary, this being his 3 trip, and coming out poorly out of the hat again. Better luck next time bruvva !? Gary, did have some very impressive bait with him. His own company ‘ Baitzone’ producing amazing particles – for now – that never go off and even though ‘wet’ can be used with PVA bags straight from the bucket……very very impressive stuff. I can see this stuff taking off in a big way, the convenience off keeping several buckets in the back of your motor, safe knowing they wont go off, then not having too mess around drying em off to ‘bag up’ ! check it out.
So, were bang up to date, last week producing nearly 30 runs. This Im sure will be the beginning of the bigger hits now they’ve spawned and the weathers perfect.
I’ll add several photos to the site, some a little random but as I haven’t be here, it’s the best I can do.
Now Im back, the site will be updates each and every week as usual, with next week being the ‘Gigantica International Match’ as held each year, Im hoping England will trance Germany and Benelux as they did last year. I’ll give you the full run down on event and your be able to see all the highlights on SKY TV as its being filmed throughout the duration.
As usual, be safe, be lucky. Danny.