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  • check it out, how nice ! One or Robs from his week in Co's
  • Richy, doing it in style.
  • Paul in Oblivion, what a fish.

check it out, how nice ! One or Robs from his week in Co's


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Available Spaces
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Angler Comments

Welcome back Gents,

Well, another great week, in terms of captures and socialising. What great bunch of guys.

Neil, from Korda had arranged a week of friends, we had Cash & Matt from Aqua & Trakker and Paul, all on his lonesome.

Straight from the off the guys got on well and the fishing got underway straight from the off.

Brad in 'Stockpond' did struggle a little, you cant catch what isnt there but did grind out a result nearer the end of the week with a low 20. Dan in 'Pole' did better though banking 4 fish from 6 bites. Dan using small snowmwn tyle baits over beds of boilie to do the damage.

Next up was Richard 'Cash' Farnan plotted up in 'Alcatraz'. Cash had spoken to me re: the bait situation prior to his arrival but still insisted on bring  his trusted formula.......Bait Works Atlantic Red. I did air my concerns that our fish, in the past have not been avid fans of the heavy fishmeal type of baits but Cash obviously has great faith in the bait. Heavily glugging his freebaits before baiting up really drew the fish in. Catching several good fish before losing an absolute lump......having played it for more than 20 mintes, the hook, for no apparent reason just came loose, gutted for ya one likes to see that !

Richy next, in the 'Beach' where the fish had holed up the weeks prior. Fishing the ever consistant Mainline Cell, Rich had a troubked start, landing a few - losing a few before he found his stride and banked a few decent ones, including the weeks biggest landed fish at 39lb+ Im sure your agree, the=at the fish caught are just simply stunning.

We are quite lucky here, in so much we have a high percentage of heavily plated warriors. Including alot of fully scaled and linear carp. These fish, especially the 'bigger' linears, show clear terratorial tendancies, generally only coming from the 'tree line' swim area.

Fish like 'Fred' the amazingly beautiful carp, has only been recorded of being caught from the tree line, along with 3-4 of the blind linears. I didnt expect these fish to grow more than their original size but have been surprised that they are showing a marked growth, year on year. 'Fred is now just short of the magical 50lb barrier, having gained 8lb+ this year alone Im now certain that the linears will continue to grow bigger than I first imagined they would, which is great because they are tuly stunning fish too catch.

Now that the spawning is out of the way, the fishing is now back to its great self again. Although we had 36 fish landed, we had and additional 18 fish lost....mainly due to hook pulls. Quite why this should happen here so often, is up for discussion but I beleive that slightly longer than average hooklenghts of between 8" - 12" being more consistent coupled with a bigger, size 4 hook.

The Mainline Cell is still catching, however, the Mean greens have shown a marked slow down in returns. Small Hi Viz heavily flavoured - fruity type pop ups now scoring well. Straight bottom baits are also catching well. Im due too receive my next batch of bait this week and we will have New Grange in stock and, as we have caught well in the past on it, I can see the New Grange following in the Cell's almost legendary footsteps.

We will have large stocks of both but Im sure, next years bait of choice will be New Grange. We are currently working on a Gigantica special as well, again produced by Mainline baits. Their track record is second too none and Im sure, when we do get it finalised, it will dominate the place.

So, back too the fishing, Neil Spooner a.k.a. Steve Darwin, fished the 'tree line' and snared a few in the difficult conditions, however, the ones he caught were nice and scaly upto high 20s.

Rob fished the hot 'Co's Point' and did as well as I expected, several 30z and some awesome mirrors kept Rob top rod throughout the week, check out the pic of Rob in the report, a stunning scaly fish !

Terry down in 'Big southerly' lost a decent fish but banked 2 high 20z. Matt unfortunately blanked in 'the Stink" but tried hard and moved several times trying his hardest to get on em but too no avail.

Mark & Dave doubled up in the 'Alamo' and choose to fish LONG.......with Mark spodding at around 130yds. Mark caught  few decent fish, including a couple of 30s. Amazingly, whilst spodding pellet and boilie, neither of them suffered too terribly throughout the night by the Bream !?  We have actively been removing the silver fish and although we have now removed a couple of ton of the blighters. I am hoping too introduce several thousand immature Pike in Feb 2011, these small ravernous Pike will devour the silver fish hatchlings immediately from there introductions and help me managed the silver fish population a little more proactively.

Once we can fish safe, without any Bream muscling in, we can then begin to fish so many more styles of angling which Im certain will help bank some of the larger, more reclusive fish. Watch this space ?

Paul, down in Oblivion, fished very well and caught several fish throughout the week, including some very large framed big 20z with a last morning 30 to finish off what was a great week.

So, it looks like were back at the normal fishing again, plenty of runs and if history is too repeat itself, we will start too see the larger fish, begin to make more and more visits throughout the coming weeks.

This coming week see's the 'Gigantica European Cup' back again, will England be able to continue and show the European anglers how to catch em ? I'll obviously goive you all the low down on the results long before your be able to watch it on Sky TV.

Check in next week for all the details.

As usual, be safe, be lucky.