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  • Mark and the amazing Merlot @ 44
  • Jamie with Sashsquash @ 38

Mark and the amazing Merlot @ 44


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Available Spaces
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Angler Comments


Good morning Gentlemen,
And welcome back to the Gigantica weekly update.
Well, quite a week as we had the British Farting team here for the week !
After the European match, and with the weather looking far better in a fishing sense, the week looked promising. With the draw out of the way, the freezer full of the ever consistent Mainline Cell the lads drew, set up and got underway.
Last year, we had very few Saturday night captures but this year has been a contrast in as much, Saturday night has now become quite a prolific night. With that in mind, Tim, who had drawn Pole position, took an early lead and as the week rolled on, he caught steadily ending up with 5 fish, including ‘Singles mate’ at just under 43lb.
James, in Alcatraz managed 4 outta 5 bite, for a sensible weeks result. Round in the Beach, Gary had a late start but still managed to squeeze out 2 fish……not the only thing he was squeezing all week, especially when his team member, John in the tree line was in close proximity. Now, weve all heard the average fart but this week, farting has be taken to a new level !!
The constant barrage of heavy methane was beyond natural levels ! Ive suffered permanent ear damage as the noise level rose to barbaric levels !
Now John, obviously the team leader, fulfilled the week with his constant anal symphony , the man is a living leg end in Reading……
The jokes and ‘man noises’ didn’t stop all week in what I can only describe as one of the funniest weeks Ive had here.
John even managed to stink one out of the snags and it surrendered by snaffling his hookbait, all 28lb of it. Unfortunately, the almost earthquake like bottom burps kept the majority of fish out of Johns swim but next door, in Co’s, Jamie and Mark snared one each……and the ones that count. Jamie with Sashsquash at a healthy spawned out 38lb with Mark slipping the net under a new 40 for us here at Gigantica. As per our rules, Mark had the privalige to name the new beast and as he and Jamie had endured a heavy night on the Merlot, so she was named. A huge framed fish at 44lb !
Steve round in big southerly, managed 2 fish to 42lb but suffered the indignity of having the 42 getting free from the sling before we could manage the photos ! whoops !
Julian and Martin in Pink N Stink had a difficult week. I had spent a day cleaning out the snags in Stink, which was basically loads of old line spider webbed to form a huge snare. Well, all was removed and I couldn’t drag any other material from the bottom and casting a bare lead around, showed no issues, however, Carp being the master of thei on environment that they are, found something. Something that I hadn’t found ! Unfortunately, Julien lost several hook lengths to this snag, so its obviously covered in Zebra mussels, and even worse, lost fish to the snag mid fight when he was cut off. Nothing he could do. He did manage a few though, topped of with a scaly 33 mirror. Martin, was less unlucky. Losing one right at the net a good fish as well – when the hook pulled, then on the penultimate night, a decent fish cut across and found Juliens snag.
Top angler of the week, Mark C in Alamo, started the week with Discus, a known mid forty, at a new high and a PB for Mark at 50.08 An amazing gain, seeing our fish have now all spawned well so a new 50 to the growing number of 50+ on the list. Mark wen on too catch several other fish throughout the week, all on bottom baits scattered in the general 70yd known feeding area.
We’ve seen a few totally new fish these past week, several new 40z and a couple of fish growing on into the 50z bracket, a brief snap shot of what is possible and hopefully, of whats too come.
Our concerted effort in the Bream and roach removal is now showing results. Obviously, the increasing weight gains were seeing recently being a plus side to the dwindling silver fish stocks and the reduction of night time disturbances from Bream continually attacking your hookbaits.
We use to have several bream caught throughout the week, disturbing the anglers sleep and causing a general disturbance on your baited area. Now though, this has reduced greatly. In fact, were finding it hard to catch Bream with dedicated tackle. The roach are still evident in numbers but Im planning on an introduction of pike fry in early spring, these ravenous juveniles’ will devour the spawned on silver fish fry, then in time, begin to make a dent in the silver fish that are such an issue if you were too spod. We will get on top of these, and in the near future, you will be able to fish with solidz PVA bags, spod particle and pellet and even smaller sized boilies.
All this fish manipulation will only improve both the fishing, as well as seeing huge gains in the biomass’ overall weight. The last 18 months has seen some huge changes here at Gigantica, but we are striving to be better.
A great week, with some seriously hilarious moments. Some decent fish, on a few varying methods….Zigs showing through to be a devastating method when employed properly.
So, with roughly 35 bites, a few loses and 26 fish banked, not a bad week but with an amazing weather front moving in, next week promises to be even better. Until then, as usual….
Be safe, be lucky.