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  • John in Co's with Big Bollox @ 40.12

John in Co's with Big Bollox @ 40.12


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Available Spaces
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Angler Comments


Welcome back Gentlemen, to this weeks Gigantica report.
Its been a tough, wet and windy week with a few blanks, a few who struggled and a for one angler, a really good week.
After a bit of swim juggling after the draw, Darren swapped Co’s Point for Pole position – perhaps a move he’d later regret ? John ‘rubbish set up’ Keirle perhaps making a great swap – only the end of the week would prove either way.
Darren’s South African cousin had joined him, and this played a huge part in Darrens decision to swap swims. A late arrival, James fitted into ‘Stockpond’ so that’s where we’ll start, and as usual work our way round the lake.
James, and his lovely Wife Jenny, arrived quite late after the draw, in fact everyone was already set up and fishing so James had little choice but ended up in the swim he wanted. Conditions were tough and the fish only ventured into his area twice all week. A mis understanding on bait placement saw James fishing the wrong area of the bar and miss them the first time, but on discussion, James got it right and nicked a big double to save the blank.
Unfortunately, James & Jenny had too leave early due to unforeseen circumstances but I hope too see them again in the future.
Darren, having swapped Co’s for Pole fished hard all week, Mainline Cell and Cell based ground baits failed to draw the fish in front of Darren until it was too late when, on reeling in, Darren saw fish showing over his area………very frustrating !
Darren’s cousin, Dun, over from SA for a holiday employed the same style technique but unfortunately, lost the only fish he hooked.
Dave in ‘Beach’ fished hard all week, and along with Darren and John, was using the impressive Baitcraft T1. It certainly worked for Dave, though only a small fish, he had saved a blank.
Darren, in ‘Tree line’ failed to bank one due to the weather restricting themovement of carp in and out of the trees.
John though, fishing on the ever consistent ‘Co’s  really got amngst them with the T1. By heavily baiting, John managed double figures but also lost nearly as many for what ever reason ( poor set up being the main contribution ) but he did manage 2 x 40+ fish, the most impressive being ‘Big bollox’ at an impressive 40.12oz. Not a ‘massive’ fish but as this fish hasn’t been banked for over two years, Im happy to have a recent photo of her to put in the files. Having been heavily spawn bound on her last capture, and two years between, I had feared this fish may have died but obviously not !
A tough week, for the rest of the lads and with ‘Pink’ closed because of the rising snag issues, making it even harder to get amongst them, but the did bank a few low 20lb fish but it was a tough and demanding week…..thats fishing unfortunately.
The snag issue in ‘Pink’ has become an issue. From a small snag, the build up of line making a spiders web that is now just impossible to fish. Im waiting on tanks from the UK so we can dive and address the issue immediately. I will update you as and when this happens.
As usual Gents, stay safe, be lucky.