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  • Keith, 'The Beach'....45.08
  • just look at this fish, amazing. 46+
  • Cant get much better than this ? Cluster 56.14

Keith, 'The Beach'....45.08


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Available Spaces
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Welcome back Gentlemen, to this weeks Gigantica report.
We’ve had the Korda social last week, and apart from being hectic, its been a great week.
Due to having too many anglers to all fit on Gigantica, some of the lads fished down the road at Bluewater, a friends venue. I’ll report on there week briefly at the end of this report but more of that later…..
So, before we started the weeks fishing, both Dan F & I donned the rubber suits…..and under the surface we ventured.
It is truly amazing what you actually see compared against what your minds eye has pictured. We had great visability and straight away, we fopund some of the main issues that had been causing so much trouble too the anglers fishing ‘Pink’.
How anyone has ever landed a fish in this swim is, really, an amazing feat ! several huge sunken trees, which were obviously festooned with end tackle. Leads, leaders and some truly terrible rigs, so poorly constructed its unbelievable. However, we managed to remove some of the major problems. With the fishing in mind, we stopped  and got the week underway.
So, as usual, I’ll report on the captures whilst moving clockwork through the swims starting with Dan F in ‘Stockpond’ .
The big news for Dan this week was the bed wetting scenario. Having consumed his own body weight in Vodka, round in Clive Gibbins swim, a dream of relieving himself converted into a gushing reality and a very wet Dan, sleeping bag and even his bedchair being totally consumed in the warm, wet piss.O’dear Daniel hahahahahahhahaha. Other than that, his very first blank capping a ‘odd’ week for the boss lol !
Bell, in Alcatraz, got it right and most days managed a breakfast time take or two. Banking several good fish, Bell managed ‘Pips’ at a huge 47lb+ to top a very good weeks fishing.
Keith in ‘Beach’ ground out two fish, but what fish. Both huge framed fish and at 43 & 45, a major result for the giggler !
John Mann down in the ‘tree line’ caught a couple. The ‘tree line’ has been a very odd swim this year due to the weather. For the big hits, hot sunny conditions being the best but as we have not seen too much of the sunny stuff, its been a slow year in the ‘tree line’.
Star of the week, Damo round in ‘Co’s which has been on fire of late. Damo began applying the ever consistent Mainline Cell and the results prove, good skillz with a well applied good bait equals a great result. Into the double figures, topped of with ‘Spring scaly’ and the truly awesome ‘Cluster’ making her first appearance for two years at an all time high of just under 57lb, what a fish !!!
Al in ‘big southerly’ got off to an early start with a chunky 37lb fish but struggled for the rest of the week but did manage a couple of smaller fish.
Andy, drew the short straw and ended up in ‘Stink’. Obviously with the diving and snag removal on Saturday, it may or may not have ruined the fishing but as Andy had drew it, he made the most of the situation, fished hard and found the right choice whilst banking 6 fish to mid 30z. A right result really as it could’ve been so much tougher considering.
Now Clive Gibbins…….what a star this man is. Being a shy retiring type ( lol ) he being Norven and loyal, always brings his Nutrabaits and goes head to head with the dominating Mainline Cell, and obviously struggles as most do when they try and compete with such a strongly established bait.
Nutrabaits Trigga with a new flavour combo ( sounds ridiculous and is catching big style back home ).
Clive always fishes well and though he knows hes up against it, keeps on….and was rewarded, finally, on the very last night with a low 20, but it’s a result and saved a blank, well done mate.
Finally, Ian in Oblivion. Fishing too the main bar at range and heavy baiting, Ian was amongst them straight away and steadily caught throughout the week with several 30z being the biggest.
This all ended up too a total 36 fish banked so a good week as expected. It was a great week, lots of fun, some wet moments, and some awesome fish caught.
I have to mention the other lads on Bluewater. The previous week, 8 anglers had broken the lake record with 111 fish, which included 105 carp banked.
With only 4 fishing too start with, it was obvious the numbers were gonna be big and when, on Monday Tom & Harris arrived and started catching straight away, the numbers were looking impressive.
With Pete Castle moving on them, and the others now catching very well, as the week progressed well until Pete moved with the weather into the shallows and it all started to go silly. By Thursday they had already broken the record and went on to smash it with 155 carp in total, not including the big Sturgeon and a hideous 104lb Cat adding too the total, a new Bluewater record. Just silly fishing.
I even managed to get in on the action but suffered a week of the mutants which made me sick lol but what a great week in total, both here at Gigantica and Bluewater, I have to say thanks lads for a great week and helping me have the time too fish myself, a rare event.Brilliant !
I’ll be back next week with the report, hopefully there be as much to discuss as this report.
I have to briefly add that we resumed the snag removal operation, and with some hard work, some heavy haulage utilizing, 10ton wire and my truck, we managed to remove several huge, whole trees from Pink and Stink, some nearly 10ft in length. We resume diving in two weeks and this should see the whole area being totally free of natural & man made issues from Big Southerly right round too Alamo. Continuing our work to improve Gigantica into the Premier lake we know it is.
Until next week, stay safe, be lucky.