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  • Andy with 'The Freak'
  • Mark & 'Big bollox'
  • Fredrick with 'the Leather'

Andy with 'The Freak'


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Angler Comments


Welcome back Gentlemen, to this week’s Gigantica report.
Sorry for the disruption to service, I know a few of you follow the updates for your future up-coming trips. I’ll get under way with the last couple of weeks fishing, here at Gigantica.
We had a good week, a few PB’s for the lucky few and and usual when some of our more regular ‘friends’ turn up, another cracking week socially.
So, straight too it. Having picked the ‘Alamo’ for their weeks fishing, Colin & Andy, the Macclesfeild duo quickly changed there minds on seeing a few opposite their choice of swim and quickly shifted into ‘Pole & Alcatraz’. Colin, let a few go but saved the week in the dying hours with 2 nice fish, a scaly big 20 and a lovely 30 common. Andy though showed him the way with a few smaller fish topped with a stonking mid-30 and, ‘the freak’ @ 42+ an amazing looking fish with absolutely huge shoulders, and a new fish for us so a right result for Andy……….and not the first time he’s given em a bit of a bashing ere……guy knows how to catch em…….shame he drinks like an ol’woman.
We had two Belguim anglers in ‘the beach’ on their first visit. Fredrick and his nephew Andy. They brought their own homemade boilies and ended up with a PB each, 4 fish, 2 x mid 20z and a 42 a piece. A proper result for the guys, well done.
Unfortunately, the Solop boys, Martin, Ed & Dave didn’t get amongst them despite angler well for the entire week. Martin fished ‘tree line’ ,Ed in ‘big southerly’ and Dave in ‘Stink’…….weirdly, I called Dave – Andy all week without realizing it until now, whilst Im writing this report……sorry Dave.
Inbetween the Solop boyz was the amiable, Gupta the carp tickler…….though he failed to tickle any this week, deciding rather too hook and release….several seconds after hooking em……Tony, you are officially a well tanned nod ! ( private joke ).
With a booking issue, that was all that fished so…………….on to the next week.
So, last week. Well, actually, there isn’t a lot to tell unfortunately as not a lot happened. There were obviously fish out but it was tough. And, as usual, I’ll start with, and then continue clockwork through the swims.
Paul, in the ‘stock pond’ had a 25+ after trying very hard, so a deserved result. Then Frank in ‘Pole’ struggled and no matter what he tried…….and he tried everything……he just couldn’t get amongst em?
Paul, in ‘Alcatraz’ fished hard and fished his area really well but unfortunately, the fish just never got in front of him……and as they say, if they aint in front of you, you cant catch em eh!?
Another Paul, in ‘Beach’ angled all week, never gave up hope and tried all week and was rewarded on the very final morning, just before packing up, banked a mid-20. Proving that determination pays off……eventually.
Tony drew the short straw outta his group and ended up in ‘tree line’ all alone. He did however manage what Frank didn’t, and put a lovely 28lb common on the bank. A great result through what was a tough week.
Die and Craig doubled up in Co’s and Craig banked a couple of nice mid-upper 20 commons. A result but Die unfortunately didn’t manage any……proving what we always have believed, doubling up in the single swims actively reduces your chances. Food for thought.
Mark in ‘Stink’ ( Pink is currently closed for snag removal. Better to close a swim and work on it than let fish get tethered and die ) Mark struggled with the conditions throughout the first half of the week but carried on fishing hard……….and once the conditions turnt in his favour, he got amongst em. He lost a couple but banked the right ones, topped with the awesome ‘ big bollox’ at 43+
Yob & Owen, our Dutch friends, fished ‘Alamo’ and banked a few, Yob catching a couple of PB’s , a nice 30+ mirror and an amazing 42 linear. Owen managed a small one late on in the week  too save a blank. Well done lads, good too see ya both again.
Corr & Patrick fished in ‘Oblivion’ but struggled, Patrick losing a good fish to a hook pull and Cor managing a low 20 late doors to save the week.
So, another week comes to its end, a tough week with only eleven fish bank, more than half at the very end of the week.
We have DF, the Dove from above and the ever reliable ‘Penwah’ next week shooting the next free DVD, so hopefully, I’ll have a few more to report should it all go too plan.
Until then, as usual, be safe, be lucky.