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  • Matt & Sashsquash 41+
  • Matt & Roberts fish 54.10
  • Matt, new PB

Matt & Sashsquash 41+


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Available Spaces
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Welcome back Gentlemen, to this week’s Gigantica report.
Well. A tough week, due solely to the turn in weather. A consistent North Easterly which brought the years first real cold front and almost, the first real frost of the year.
Winter has begun and Im sure, if the weather continues like it is a present then the catch rates will stay low in terms of numbers but a better average weight.
With three of the guys struggling to get here on time due to the nightmare of having there vehicle breakdown. Struggling to arrange hire vehicles and  suffering first hand the problems of Insurance regulations.
It highlights some of the issues that the Insurance may fall short of your requirements. Id advise you to detail exactly what you expect when taking out your European Insurance…..a lesson learnt.
So, to the fishing. As it was such a slow cold week, I’ll break from tradition and just highlight the captures, as the rest of the lads fished well but fell foul to the weather.
First of the mark, Matt in the tree line on the Sunday, during the only nice sunny period before the cold winds rolled in. Matt lost one and banked Sashsquash at 41+ A low 20 from Alcatraz made up the rest of the week until a change in the weather Id been tracking online rolled in on Friday night.
Throughout the week, we’d suffered a harsh North Easterly with daytime temps in or around 8-9Degrees dropping down to 1-2 degrees at night. Friday night, the wind changed direction too a Westerly, clouded over and the temperature rose significantly to 9-10degrees that night. And with the new weather, the bites started. 3 bites within an hour.
Unfortunately, Steve In Stink lost his fish, which was a shame as he fished hard all week. Rich in Co’s had a low 30 but the star of the week, Matt in Big Southerly banked Roberts fish at an amazing 54.10. A stunning looking fish, dark and deep and even more amazingly, its last capture, roughly 10 months ago, it had gained 9lb ! Another new 50 for us here, one of several in the last few months to add to our original stock of 50+ fish. The list of 50+ fish is growing at an alarming pace now and can only improve. Still a few missing though…….Fudgeys hasn’t been out this year, Ive seen her though whilst spawning and she was looking huge and Im hoping, whilst Im fishing this winter, that I’ll get a chance and bank her, possibly a new 70………….watch this space.
So, there you go, a long slow week but with the right conditions, it can still happen. Im sure weve got a couple of bit hits still too come. Next weeks Full moon…..Im expecting out bigger commons too make an appearance as they’ve yet to grace the bank as yet and then, Im hoping one final scoff before it slows for the winter.
Im fishing from early November right though til at least January and am hoping to get amongst a few of the bigguns in there winter glory. As always, I will be keeping the weeks news up to date on here for you all to see…….roll on Fudgeys !
Be safe, Be lucky,