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Available Spaces
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Angler Comments

Unfortunately, the first real cold weather of the year, along with probably the wrong choice of bait and only six anglers, giving the fish plenty of room too move away from the anglers lead to no fish banked.

As its now very close too the end of the busier part of the year, we have begun our annual tidy up - refurbishment.

All the landing nets have been refurbished, new net cords, new net meshes. The boats have had all new metal work replaced, row locks, plugs. New bikes on site and the old ones given a service to bring them up to scratch. The new perimeter fencing is now almost finished and we begin installation of the new swim 'Baxter's hole' next week. The track has been refurbished, so no pot hles or puddles, the car park has been re-laid and a new planting programme begins next week. Lots of work to be continued throughout the colder months to bring us back to the very high standards we expect to provide for you time here at Gigantica.

We stay open all year should you find the time to visit, Though cold, I expect fish right upto Christmas, I myself am fishing right through the cold months until it freezes .............hoping for some of our larger inhabitants in all their winter colours.

Fudgey's is due and Im hoping she'll be our 3rd 70lb fish this year. Lots of new 50lb fish have been caught this year and several new 60lb fish, all heavier, and looking in peak condition now the colder wewather is upon us.

Ive also taken delvery of the new Century rods designed for fishing here at Gigantica. The SP+ Advanced, exclusively available, built to meet the demands of fishing lake such as Gigantica.......heavy lines, no shock leaders with big leads...... the perfect tool for the job. Contact Giagntica for details.

So far, the weather is holding, and its unseasonably warm, lets hope it holds so you can bank a huge winter fish !? I look forward to seeing you on the bank.

Be safe, be lucky.