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  • Mr.Littlecock and the Patched Linear.

Mr.Littlecock and the Patched Linear.


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Available Spaces
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Angler Comments

Still the work continues on site, a new roof on the dining area and a new ceiling improving the area massively. This work part of the dining room revamp. Whilst lovely to eat there in the summer when the suns shining, its a little chilly later at the end of the year so this new roof and ceiling, along with the planned consatina door system to enclose the area should it become cold.

The tracks been revamped, to fill in the ruts where anglers have driven on the grass. New security fence around the entire perimeter is now very close too completion as well.

Fishing wise, a huge warm front made itself known with massive SW winds and very heavy winds. The low pressures obviously made some fish feed as Tony Littlecock managed the Patch Linear, at a new high of 42lb, a new PB for the chocolate loving pie eater !

One of our Sparsholt placements managed to sneak a mikd double out of the Tree swim, whilst he wasnt working hard on the new swim and other various jobs. Well done Nick.

Still amazing temps here at Gigantica. High double figures in the day, and almost as warm at night, fish are very active at night so they will soon have to replace the energy lost with this activety.Still a few of our larger residents due out. Im sure Fudgeys is waiting for me, lets hope the weather holds and I get a chance at em.