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Angler Comments

Welcome back Gents to this weeks Gigantica weekly report.

Unfortunately, not a lot to report. With the nights freezing, the water temp dropped from mid 9 to high 7 degrees which impacted on the fish. 9 German anglers led by Helmut Schmelz fished hard but ultimately blanked.

Peter, fishing Co's did manage to hook, but lose a fish early Saturday morning before packing up, the fish rolling on the line bumping the hook.

Sensible baiting levels should have managed a few bites however, the dropping temps curtailed any action until the frosts stopped and the water temp rose. Once over 9 degrees, Bream and Carp started to show and Peter had the one and only run of the week.

With daytime temps rising too as much as 25 degrees from mid way next week, its starting to look quite promising. Only time will tell. Spring has defiantly arrived, with the trees now blossomed, frogs spawning and the ever incesant cookoo driving us mad.

Fish weights in the area are generally 'up' more than expected after the odd winter we suffered. So the coming seasons looking good, roll on the big girls !

Check out next weeks report to see if the rising water temps play as big a part as I expect, I may even get the rods out !

Be safe, be lucky,