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  • Rosanna showingthe lads how to do it !
  • Darren with Chunky,a new PB@53.04
  • Chunky

Rosanna showingthe lads how to do it !


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Available Spaces
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Angler Comments


Welcome back too this weeks Gigantica report. A first for us here, a full blown Lady angler. As part of the Bury lake exclusive, Rosanna visited with her Dad and promptly out fished him. Having moved into the Beach, fishing with PVA bags and a white pop up, Rosanna landed a 28lb + mirror, a right result !
Phil, Rosanna’s Dad did catch, a low 20 on a zig and lost another of similar size, again on the zig proving the worth of banging zigs out in the day if the conditions look promising. They really can make a dull week great so don’t be afraid to tie up a size 10 mixa, on the Kruiser line and bang em towards the horizon. Those bigguns don’t care if its mid water or on the bottom. When there sub surface and feeding, in 25ft, it can really be the rig of the moment so make sure you have the rig bits to tie em up. We obviously have zig tackle on site should you come unprepared !
Nev winkled a 28 outta Stink but the star of the week was Darren. Fishing well and using Cell, Darren blew his PB outta the water when he banked ‘Chunky’ at 53.04, a new high for this lovely mirror and put a smile on Darrens face for sure.
There were several loses to bring the tally to 7 bites for the week, however.
A few of the lads reported there rigs coming back very short and twisted. Im certain that this is fish being hooked, then using the anglers fixed leads as an anchor point to turn and spin against. The fixed lead, obviously as it is fixed allowing the fish to spin continuously until the rig can not be spun anymore, then forces the lightly positioned hook out of its mouth. This is happening alot and generally accomplied with a single bleep and no indicator movement, just several light knocks on the rod tip. Its your decision whether to hit these very subtle movements or better still, to adapt your rigs to suit.
It was noticeable last week that the guys like fixed leads. Both myself and DF are great believers in running leads, DF using his proven running lead clip, myself, a running inline. Im sure this, along with slack fluro lines and ultra sensitive indicators really highlight these small, devious bites.
Your here for a week, maximise your time and your angling to increase your chances.
The fish last week falling to light spreads of bait as the water temps are still rising, Nash B2 and Mainline Cell, again, proving effective. With bait in mind, I receive alot of emails asking whether Cell has had its day and – or is it the only bait worth considering ? As a Mainline devotee, I will say I think, both Cell and the New Grange are great baits and proven catchers here, but obviously other baits do catch. Birdfood type baits seemingly the preference. Fishmeals have scored, and quite well in the height of summer but generally, birdfood based baits are a winner here. Id obviously put my faith in Mainline as it is a proven winner, as are all of there baits.
Ive also seem some utter rubbish on forums concerning quantities of bait ’needed’ here at Gigantica.
Claims of 5kg per rod per night is absolute crap ! I would never tell people such figures, its pure lunacy. What I will say, is this is a bait dominated water, as most holiday venues are, and to bring sufficient for yourself to be in with a chance of a big hit. Now, right now, Im advising anglers to bring 10kg for the week. Later in the year....mid August – September Id say you would want 50kg for the week but please do not think you will have to put ALL of that in. Just have it available should you be on em. No point having a swim full of fish and not having enough bait to keep em in the area so you can maximise your catch rate. Like wise, no point banging in 10kg a night if you aint catching.
I will say, through trial and error, when fish are in front of you and your really going for a big hit, getting through 10-20kg in a night is an easy thing to do, but if like I, youve had several 30z and several 40z that night, Im sure you wont be moaning, other than the lack of sleep ! We have found that when big shoals are in front of you and you catch, if you don’t put anymore bait in, the shoal clears you out and quickly moves on. If its obvious there’s a few in front, as soon as I get a fish in the net, I stick in 1/2kg of boilies whilst I weigh the fish and get the pics done. Once ready to recast, I again, stick out ¼ - 1/2kg of bait, just so they are seeing bait over them, not just a rig cast amongst them ( seems to keep them there ) this strategy has proven itself time and again and until such time is it works against me, its what I tell all our clients. This additional bait, in-between captures keeps em in the ‘zone’ far longer, and as we all know, this is were the really big hits come.
I update this site weekly, and part of the update will be what rigs and baiting scenarios were employed so you will see what is or isn’t catching. Unlike other lakes, we don’t BS. If no fish were caught, we put ‘ no fish caught’ and the same with what bait and baiting levels are used.  So this report is a true indicator of what to expect on the run up to your own visit.
Alternately, you can email me with any other info requests and generally your have a reply within 12-24hrs. Feel free to contact me at any time, thats what Im here for.
Thanks for checking in, I hope theres some info that you can use on your trip here and help you get amongst em. As always, be safe, be lucky.