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Available Spaces
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Angler Comments


Welcome back Gentlemen,
Another amazing bunch of guys this week, by far the best part of my job meeting you all as so many different, decent anglers visit here, makes my job a pleasure. And if one of you catches a PB, its even better for me, to see how excited you all are.
We had the Carrot rustlers, Darren, Chris and Kirky from the land of the 6 toe’d carp angler, Norfolk.
John & Scottie, Mark & his Dad Jim and myself. Last but notleast, Dave choose Oblivion.
John & Scott fished amazingly well but, for whatever reason never got amongst em. John in Pole and Scott in Alcatraz. John had really thought about his approach and had brought Maples for me to prepare. I was certain that this different approach would have caught them of guard but it wasn’t to be unfortunately. Scott fished hard and stuck to his game plan but the fish never really came over there areas in any numbers to make a mistake. A tough week for the guys.
Marc & Jim opted for the Tree line. Im sure Marc wont mind me mentioning the fact that he is wheel chair bound after a road traffic accident in his younger years. Not that this has stopped him achieving all hes ever wanted to. Marc fished exceptionally hard, even missing joining us for breakfast and dinner on several occasions so he could really work his swim and it paid off. A beautiful 28lb + linear for Marc, a really well deserved fish as he did fish well all week ! Unfortunately Jim didn’t catch in the right hand of the tree line, not usually a swim which didn’t help.
I’ll be seeing more of Marc in the future as he is working hard, through his charity, to organise fishing trips for anglers who have, for whatever reason, suffered the lose of their limbs. Being in a wheel chair hasn’t stopped Marc, far from it, and he’s working hard to bring the chance, for anglers in similar circumstances, to get back out on the bank and enjoy there fishing, disability or not !
I fished, as I will be most of this year. Last year, I managed 2 weeks in total, so this year, Im working hard to get the rods out. I don’t draw for swims, taking what evers left within reason, so not to clash with anyone, but as we all have a lot of water in each and every swim, Im gonna dangle most weeks to develop new methods that may or may not help improve all of our time here.
The last few years has seen a huge percentage of the fish caught on snowman hookbaits. Whilst this is still a popular and effective rig to use here, Im sure we are missing out against some of the more riggy inhabitants so have totally changed my fishing, from snowmen on running rigs to stacked hookbaits and Solidz PVA all in bags.
The Solidz PVA bags have proven to be very suitable for the deep water here, a nice slow dissolve rate, letting the formed bag make it easily to the bottom without bursting and spoiling the presentation.
Running inline pear leads, within the bag offering what I believe to be a very sensitive lead arrangement that shows most of the movement to the indicators. My stacked hookbaits have ranged from 3 x 14mm Cell, to more recently, 3 x 20mm New Grange which are catching very well. Good hook holds are showing the rig is working as planned and Im catching consistently.
The stacked baits, just another edge for us all to use against these riggier fish, and slightly different from the standard snowman approach. Im very happy with the results so far and even happier with the presentation the Solidz PVA bags are bringing !. Im still using a bed of boiled baits, spread in a reasonably tight area, the Solidz offering an increased food signal within the area, highlighting the hook bait. I’ll continue with this approach for the foreseeable and keep you updated with its results against other anglers for comparison
Darren, who moved from the Beach into Big Southerly after seeing huge numbers of shows, really did fish well. The move paying of with Darren catching a few, steadily but unfortunately, he was cut short due to a incident with the groups vehicle.
They had a HUGE bubble appear in the tyre on the way here, and as it could not be replaced here in France, the group made a decision to leave early to safe guard the journey home. This cut Darren short just as he was really getting to grips with them in Big Southerly. Im certain Darren would of caught several more if he had stayed. But he did catch a new PB in the shape of the one eyed virgin at 37+ good skillz Darren.
The two others in the group, Chris & Kirky, did catch but suffered a frustrating week with the lose of a big fish, and several other enquiry’s that did not convert, with the added stress of the vehicle issue playing on there mind, there decision to leave early may have been for the best but also highlighted the need for effective break down cover ( someone else let these guys down ) whilst travelling abroad. Please make sure your covered, and have sufficient spares, as the law dictates, as being so rural, you cant just pop into Halfords and buy replacements.
Dave in Oblivion fished very well, but the fish just would not pick up his hook baits, very frustrating for Dave and me, watching andadvising but without the result he deserved.
A great bunch of lads, a tough week. I predicted 10 fish, we managed 8 with a few loses unfortunately but as the water temps are on the up, the fishing can only improve.
Be lucky, be safe.