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  • Paul with the weeks biggest, 37.4lb
  • Graham with his hard earned fish.
  • the devil !

Paul with the weeks biggest, 37.4lb


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Available Spaces
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Angler Comments


Welcome back to the Gigantica weekly report.
This week, has seen some amazing temperatures all throughout the week, in comparison to the same week last year, with snow on the ground. Almost into the 30s, this hot sunshine made the week enjoyable. The fishing could have been a little better but the sun and lack of wind, may have played its part.
Adam & Graham, in Pole & Alcatraz, Matt in Beach, Dave in Treeline. Kev the scouser in Co’s, Chris in Scotties, Carl in Big Southerly, Chris in Stink & Danny & Paul in Alamo.
I followed Dave from last week into Oblivion.
The usual slow start that I discussed with the lads at the meet & greet, telling them to get there heads down, very little gets caught Saturday night blah blah blah actually through up a fish. Proving, if youve got a bait in the water, youve got a chance ! Unfortunately for the guys, it was me who nabbed the bite, a stocky mid 20 mirror falling to the new stacked hook bait approach, fished from Oblivion across too the Euro tree line.
The sun shined continuously & Kev sorted out the right approach for Co’s, with a run of morning captures, all sexed up male fish ready for the spawning activities approaching. Throughout the mid week, Kev landed 3 fish, all males and all, unfortunately low 20z.
Paul, in Alamo, caught the weeks biggest at 37lb, a nice mirror, but yet again a male fish and I nicked another on the stacks and Solidz. These male fish are fighting so hard, full of strength at the moment, ready for the spawning assault, really giving good accounts of themselves but still, no bigger female fish.
A break in the weather, kicked of an intense, if yet brief feeding spell. Graham caught in Alcatraz, a low 20, Matt lost 2 and Dave lost one in tree line unfortunately.
New Grange and Cell accounting for most of the bite with Nash Monster squid taking the other fish.
Surprisingly, zigs didn’t catch this week. I say surprisingly as the weathers been perfect for this approach, and more and more fish showing on the surface recently.
Remember to bring your zigging gear with you, as it really can play a huge part in the final weeks captures. Also, please don’t think that Gigantica is easy. Chris in Scotties corner asked me to free one of his lines, so out I went, with my life jacket on to free what we thought was a snagged line. His hook had caught another old peice of line, but whilst out in the boat, directly above his baited area, I took a few minutes to check his areas. He was fishing good rigs, with sensible indication systems and yet, without a single bleep through the night, his entire area had been cleaned out. Not a single boilie or particle remained, and I could clearly see the bottom in over 10ft of gin clear water from the boat, proving you need to be on top of your game here to really make an impression. Standard rigs and fixed leads certainly work against you here. Keep checking this report as I will be highlighting the better rigs used that are fooling these riggy fish.
So, 8 fish landed ( 6 x 20z 2 x 30z ), 9 loses for the week and as yet, none of the bigger females have put in an appearance so there all waiting !
I look forward to meeting you all again, or for the first time in the near future. Until then.
Be safe, be lucky.