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  • Gordon with the biggest of the week @ 43
  • Gordon with a 33 common
  • mid30 to New grange stacks.

Gordon with the biggest of the week @ 43


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Available Spaces
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Angler Comments

Welcome back to the Gigantica weekly report,

Another great week weather wise but it was the weather that ultimately put paid to the fishing due too the bream's sexual antics that had the smaller male carp all excited and the other carp, feasting on that new, easy available seasonal food source.

I moved into Pole after Adam from the previous week, Gordon chose Alcatraz, Shaun opted for the Beach with Marek in Tree line.

Dutch Anthony went in Co's, H in Big Southerly, John in Stink, Danny in Alamo and finally, Drew followed me into Oblivion.

All good choices for each of the anglers. The week started well with Gordon and myself, hooking fish almost the same time, randomly in the day time, something which has been rare this year. Both fish mid 30z, a mirror for me, and a common for Gordon.

Gordon was using Mainline Fusion, a well received bait here having caught a few of the real big fish in the past. Gordon and I both caught another one each, mine a mid 20 and Gordon taking the weeks biggest, a 43 mirror !

Shaun toughed it out in Beach unsuccessfully unfortunately though Marek saved the day, literally, by snagging a trailer. A common, mid 30, attached to a huge branch and what can only be descibed as on of the worst rigs Ive seen for a long time.

Who's it was, Im not sure but it was a killer rig, the common lucky that the branches were hooked up by Marek.

A lead that simply couldnt discharge, leadcore which is banned here, a long shank series 5 which are banned here, a braided snag leader of around 100lb with a 1/2oz bullet running on it with a bead that trapped it totally. In this day and age, a very disappointing find. Im sure this rig was deployed whilst I was away on my annual holiday as I do checkes each week.

I will now be taking a stronger stance against poor rigs and rigs that are just not safe. theres no excuse nowdays. Sinkers on the line above the lead system, lead clips with rubbers on that simply will never discharge, leaders with unsafe fixtures, all will be checked, asked to be removed or you will be asked to leave. Our fish is what makes Gigantica, the destination of choice for our clients and anyone putting that at risk will be instructed to change for the better. Like I say, no excuses nowdays in this world of information.

Dutch Anthony lost his only fish at the end of the week. John missed a chance when the fished moved in front of him, beer and cheese drawing his carbs before marbs hahahhaha righto !

Danny did well, taking an early 37lb fish and having a couple of other chances through the week, good angling. Drew  managed to save a blank but was frustrated as the fish in front of him just wouldnt come off the surface and feed at depth.

A good early start, some what a little slow the back half unfortunately as they got ready to spawn. Still ridiculously hot for the time of year and the early show of spawning activity putting us a whole month in front of normal !?

Check back next week to see if they do spawn and what is or isnt caught.

Be safe, be lucky.