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  • Vic, losing his French virginity.
  • Brutus @ 55.14

Vic, losing his French virginity.


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Available Spaces
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Angler Comments

Welcome back Gents,

The weather has forced the water temps to the critical point where spawning has now become inevitable.

Obviously, this has impacted on the fishing but there were still fish to be caught as the guys proved.

Ron struggled in Pole, mainly as the fish were on the other side of the lake looking to get involved in the sexual antics and unfortunately blanked, however, Keith in Alcatraz fished really well and did manage to nab a couple of fish on Baitcrafts Super K. Now generally, birdfoods are the way forward here so obviously I was keen to watch how Keith and Vic would get on through the week.

Keith did catch, a 20 and a 30 as did Vic, fishing opposite on his first French tirp, also taking a high 20 common and a 30 mirror, again on the Super K.

Peter was first to fish our new swim, Baxters Hole but as the fish were on the other side of the lake spawning chose too move into Stink mid week to try and save a blank, unfortunately even moving onto them didnt helpPeter who blanked. I followed H into Big Southerly ( I do not draw for swims, taking whatver is left over at the end of the day ) lost a fish through a school boy error of trying to play a fish on a long line whilst trying to prevent myself wetting myself, letting the fish, on a long deep line get amongst a zebra mussel infested area whichlead to me being cut off ! I did how ever bank Brutus at a new high of 55.14 on a stack of New Grange !

Rob & Andy, doubling up in Alamo, a mistake for the lads, too many lines but Rob did nick a nice 37lb fish but moved onto fish in Scotties on the last night, with fish in the swim, perhaps the commotion of moving preventing Rob from adding to his 37.

John in Oblivion had a herd of smaller males out in front of him lookingfor spawning and fished well taking a 19 & a 26, unfortunaelt, no more but there was a lot of fish ready for sex, not feeding in front of him.

Jack in Big girls did manage a 28 common but lost 4, a double take catching him off guard and losing them and others leading to a dissappointing week for Jack.

The camera crew arrived mid week and the cameras went into the water for what will, hopefully, end up being part 7 of the underwater sessions and maybe something that will make mainstream tv if all goes well.

I'll keep you informed, as usual, next week.

Be safe, be lucky.