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  • Split Pec at a all time high. 59.10lb
  • Discus on a zig, all 52lb of her.

Split Pec at a all time high. 59.10lb


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Angler Comments

Welcome back.

Ive been saying for weeks that if your coming, bring your zigging gear and this week proved what Ive been saying.

Dave, Dave & Dave, the scousers lit the place up with a real decent haul of fish, nearly all accounted for with zigs !

Discus @ 52, Rene's linear at a all time high of just under 45, the amazing 'Freak' @ mid 47lb and a shed load of 30z & 20z all falling to the mid water wonders.

The Stoke lads, Chris ,Ade & Chris got in on the action taking 'Split Pec' at an all time high of 59.10.....just missing the magical 60 by about 24hrs as the fish really got there sexual antics underway through the later end of the week.

I sneaked Bottom lobe ( 44.08 ) and the 'Smiling fish' ( 45.12 ) out of 'Stink' and DF got in the action, taking a mid 20& 30 on the zigars and then moving on the grouped fish, nicking a new 50. Repunsel @ 53.08. The grouped fish then started to spawn, so DF did the honourable thing and moved off them, at 3a.m.

A exciting week, lots of P.B.s and a new big fish. Zigs taking the lions share and Cell and New Grange catching well when bottom fishing was worth a go earlier in the week.

Zigs really can make a week shine if you can be bothered, ignore them at your peril. Stacked bottom baits in the ever realiable Cell and the New grange again,providing the goods.

The 'Solidz' PVA bags Ive been using really proving there worth, maximising the speed of pick ups per time used, really highlighting the hook baits over beds of bait, which is clearly what the fish want when not on the surface.

Ive restocked the shop with all the essential rig bits and other Korda 'toys'. We have the new 'Stow' bobbins and snag bars in stock along with a the 'Gigantica' camo matched lake leads. The new larger 30mm throwing sticks and we have a new stock of the popular Gigantica designed Century SP Advanced rods. Designed for the fishing here and other continental waters, heavy mainlines and big leads......they look pretty damn sexy as well !

The fish have, it would seem, now finished spawning for the time being. They are broken up into big shoals and now is the time to maximise your chances for the big hits. When the fish move in front of you, which will be clearly evident, you should be looking for the big hits now by keeping the baiting levels correct. Weve found that by applying bait immediately after a capture, you can keep the shoal in front of you for a time, giving you the chance of hooking others. Without baiting up, they will clear you out and simply move off. The additional baiting, gives you chance to hold the shoal, feeding, in front of you and if you fish well, and your rigs are sensible, you can catch several in a night.

These Gigantica fish are clearly boilie orientated, and clearly birdfood lovers. Fishmeals have caught here, and caught well but birdfood type baits have caught far far more fish. Mainline baits are very successful here,clearly but other birdfood types like N-Blend, Solar, JB seed mixes and ABS nut mixes have all scored well here. Make your choice wisely.

Now the spawning looks like its finished with, a few days recouperation and then the big feed will begin. I'll keep you updated how it all comes together.

Be safe, be lucky.