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  • Dan with 'Ziggystardust' @ 42+

Dan with 'Ziggystardust' @ 42+


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Available Spaces
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Welcome back Gentlemen.
Finally, back on the lake and into the routine of things. This report has been delayed due to my summer vacation and, unfortunately, a death in my family, so this report will cover last weeks fishing, and the previous 3 weeks prior to that.
The weeks I will was away from the lake, will unfortunately, be a brief overview of captures as I do not have all the names and details of the successful anglers and the goings on whilst I was away. Id like to say a quick thank you too Simon ( the chef ) Stobie, for doing such a brilliant job covering the lake whilst I was away, cheers mate, its much appreciated.
Talking of Simon, he had a fairly significant week whilst working throughout the week, using Nash Bait Monster Squid and soluballs, he manage to catch 14 fish, topped with 2 x 40lb+ fish. Good angling !
That first week I was away, was quite a hectic week. The fish had spawned a few weeks prior and as predicted, 2-3 weeks later, they really got on the feed and came out in numbers. Apart from Simons captures, Mark, who had visited with him, had a few, topped with a big 40 and a 51 from the new swim, named as Baxters hole. Jamie, caught a couple as well, but smaller fish, still a result thought.
There were several really big fish out that week as well. Im currently waiting on confirmed weights to match photos against but top of the list was ‘The Giant’ @ totally mind blowing 79.06 !!
Ron Peppin, fishing with his angling partner, also caught, ‘the Target’ @ mid 60, Fudgeys at a spawned out @ mid 60, along with ‘Cluster’ at mid 50z. I will confirm weights as and when I receive confirmation. Several 30z & 40z were also caught, all part of an amazing week, too the 2 South Western anglers, using Mike Wilmotts Essential B5 bait with alternate hook baits fished over the top.
There were several other good weeks angling for which I have received photos of, again, 40z & 50z but I have no details of names or rigs and bait. If your photo appears here without details, please email me and I can add your details to the report.
Prior to my holidays, the party of anglers fished hard, and though I did not leave until the Thursday, there were some significant fish caught. Tony Buzz light year, caught a fish ( a miracle for him ) but was out done by me with a 42 (private joke ) . Northen Scaly came out of Scotties corner, on a CC Moores boilie, XXX much to my surprise well up in weight @ upper 40z, Brum Paul had a very exciting morning in the ‘tree line’ with 3 x 20z and a new PB of 56lb+, very good angling. Mainlines, ever consistent Cell scoring for the big man, well done Paul.
Last weeks fishing continued the run of success with several PB’s all coming to Mainline baits. The Lesage group, chose to fish as doubles in and caught quite well. Unfortunately, Winnie & Buster failed to make the score sheet, but Brad beat his PB a couple of times, Dan also caught a coupl, both fishing the ‘Beach’ with Brad catching Mr.Chow @ 42+
Serge fished in Co’s, a return trip for Serge, after a blank first trip, Serge got amongst em with 3 fish, a 35 & a 37 topping the list. I nicked 3 out of Big Southerly but should have caught more. A prototype hook on trial snaring a em for me, once Id tweaked the rig to suit.
Group leader, Danny fishing Alamo with Reggy Reggy round head, caught a pb in the shape of a 42mirror, with Reg decimating whats left of our bream stocks.
Andy & Ross got of the mark early, with a brace of 20z and a mid 30 common, again, a new pb ! All falling to Mainlines dominating Cell boilies. A great bunch of guys with a few nice fish.
Im sure Ive missed some guys out, which I apologise too, but I hope too see again. Now Im back into the swing of things, the report will be updated weekly as before, with, hopefully, lots of big fish captures, rig info and whats catching, from what swims.
I will add, as Im asked over and over. There is NO, BEST swim. They all produce if fished well. Throughout this season, I have fished swims, time and again that have not produced the week before for whatever reason, and have caught straight away. Obviously, I am at an advantage living here and knowing where all the fish are caught from, week in week out but each swim is capable of producing if fished well.
Im also asked if Mainlines Cell bait has had its day here at Gigantica........judging by the captures week in week out, not at all. In fact, Cell is catching so many fish that we are now solely stocking it. It has dominated Gigantica for awhile now and shows no chance of that changing. The majority of captures each week falling to the Cell ! Simply put, a great bait.
I will try and add some of the recent weeks captures to the report and will confirm weights as and when I receive the scores on the doors.
Until next week. Stay safe and be lucky.