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  • Andy, new PB with Discus
  • Blenny with his new PB, 'the 43' @ 48.12
  • Nick with his new PB, 'Danish Bacon' @ 44+

Andy, new PB with Discus


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Angler Comments

Welcome back guy's,

An amazing week, text book weather, great bunch of guys, friends and some real good fishing !

A fantastic wet SW based weather front helped and the lads, along with some very sensible fishing, put 29 fish on the bank.

Tony ( better than Trev ) after reading all the mags and watching all those DVDs finally worked out how to catch one, constant baiting and tight fishing, he managed a lovely 34 mirror, a major result for such a novice !

Big Mac lad Andy fished extremelt well and caught his fair share topped by a new PB in the shape of 'Discuss' at 53+  tight baiting, sensible rigs hitting the spot time and time again, helping Andy to a great weeks fishing. Consistantly hitting the spot sounds obvious but time and time again, I see people baiting up then missing the area on the cast, effectively fishing single hookbaits and the fish helping themselves to a free feed without any worrys of being hooked. Its so important too make sure your on the money, as Andy proved !

Nick fished 'Beach' and fished well, catching 2 new PBs topped ,with a new 40 for us, named Pea Wet, a beautiful fish as well, along with a 39as part of a 4 fish catch. James, in the 'Tree' lost his French Virginity and caught a new PB with a 36 common and amazed us all with his own version of the 'lawn mower' something Ill never forget !

Blenny drew 'Co's Point'and fished well, keeping it tight and persistent and caught well, 5 good fish topped with a new PB in the shape of 'the 43' at a new high of 48.12  well done Blenny.

Big Mac lad Colin, showed us all the way, in 'big southerly' with a 8 fish haul, topped by a brace of 50z in a night, Cut tail common and Mr.angry at 53.14 & 55.12. Good skillz from Colin, who, in his excited state, admitted he 'loved' me ?!?!?!  Catching a brace of 50s though did go too Colins head, when he became all choosy over the menu. Tuna bake and liver next time Col !

Rowan & his Dad, George, back again on there third visit suffered the weather but as usual, Rowan fished well taking 4 fish from the Alamo topped by the beautiful 'Rene's linear' at a healthy, spawned out 44+

George, even with his dodgy hip still managed to catch one from Oblivion, though only a 20+, still a hard fished result as the fish rarely visited that corner of the lake for the week, something that changed after he went.

All in all, another great weeks angling, several PBs and some really good fish banked.

With extremely hot weather predicted, I hope the sensible fishing holds. As usual, be safe, be lucky.