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Angler Comments


Welcome back Gentlemen.
Not a lot too report this week due to some serious weather changes and very little caught.
From the previous weeks fantastic low pressures and brisk West – South Westerly winds which help in the previous weeks hit, a total change in the local weather bringing very high pressure and a Easterly wind......a reverse from the week before, playing havoc with this weeks captures.
A great bunch of guys, who fished really well but it was just not going to happen. Generally, when this type of front moves in, the fish show quickly on the surface and zigs can and regularly do, make a big impact on the weeks final tally. But not this week unfortunately.
Gary fishing in ‘Big girls’ ground out the only fish of the week in the shape of a small 20 but there were other chances which didn’t get banked, Andy in ‘Big Southerly’ ending up gutted when he lost a decent fish close too the net.
Unfortunately for the group, the weather began to change on the day they left. Disappointing for all.
A great bunch, hopefully I will see them all again in the future and they’ll have better weather.

As usual, stay safe, be lucky