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  • For you John, The Nude @ 42
  • The very impressive Drop Tail, Craig, in Alamo

For you John, The Nude @ 42


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Available Spaces
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Angler Comments


Welcome back Gentlemen,
After last weeks very disappointing results and poor weather, this week did look far more promising due to huge change in the weather.
Low pressures, light rain and high temps bring thunder and lighting looking good for a bite and so it proved.
It was an exciting week with everyone catching, and some sensible hits of big fish. So I’ll start as usual, beginning in the first swim fished.
Gregg, in Pole Position, turnt up with a broken leg. A accident whilst riding miniature ponies led to him fishing with a broken leg in a cast but that didn’t stop him catching. Gregg had a lovely 40lb common, a known fish but its first time over 40, along with a fish we know as ‘White stripes’, again, its first time over 40 at an impressive 42+. This fish has not been caught for over 3 years so quite a capture. Gregg also caught the very beautiful ‘Cheese’ 38.12 with a few other fish for a total of 6 fish.
John, in Alcatraz, Greggs brother, looked after him well rubbing in plenty of sun cream all over his brother ( a bit odd ) but forgot to cream up himself and ended up looking like a peeling lizard, still managed to catch himself. An awesome brace of 40z being the highlight, Both fish, at 42+ coming almost immediately after one another, banking the ‘leather’ and the ‘nude’ fish.
Stevie G fished the ‘tree line’ and had a series of losses but overcame them to bank a lovely mid 30.
Bill, started well in Co’s point banking 4 fish earlier in the week but results tapered off as the fish moved away from his areas, frustratingly for Bill.
Not as frustrating as Keith was experiencing. Several loses, including what we all believe was a huge fish close too the net had Keith struggling but determination paid off and he bank 2 thirties.
Steve, who had moved from from doubling up in Alamo into Stink, lost a good fish but caught a stunning 43to save the week.
Craing however, in the Alamo, having caught a couple of smaller fish, blew the rest away when, as predicted, on ‘big fish Thursday’ and inline with the peak of the moon, banked the mightly impressive ‘Droptail’ at an even bigger weight that expected. All 68lb of her !! This fish hadn’t been caught for 17 months and I had predicted to all who would listen that when banked, she would be around the mid 60 mark, I was pleasantly surprised at 68 and even though she looked big now, Im expecting this fish to push on through and join the ranks of the real big fish here......the magical 70lber’s.
Not forgotten, Dave, in Oblivion caught several fish throughout the week, including a new PB low 30, one of several fish that week.
Lastly, Tom, who fished Oblivion, Stock pond and finally Tree line in a last grasp effort. He had caught earlier in the week from Big girls but perhaps should’ve stayed put as Stevie G moved into the now free Big girls swim and promptly caught 2 fish, a proper result after the weeks earlier struggle.
All fish falling to Mainline baits, and small Mainline Milky toffee pop ups as hookbaits proven that Mainline baits really do catch well here. A total of 28 fish throughout the week, in stark contrast too the week previous. Not only a great weeks fishing but a great bunch of lads who really enjoyed themselves, the fishing and the banter. Looking forward to seeing you all back here next week.
Be safe, be lucky.