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  • Craig & Discus
  • Liam with his last grasp mirror !

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Available Spaces
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Angler Comments

Welcomeback Gentlemen,


With the weather looking amazing, I was expecting another high catch rate but was, for whatever reason, disappointed.

The weather was changable and with some heavy rain throughout the week, which has proven to be poor weather for here, so it was that it did fish quite poorly with only a few highlights.

In Alamo, Craig banked his only fish of the week, but what a fish. Discus at a new PB at 52.08. An awesome result, as it was Craigs first time in France.

Jurgen in Alcatraz fished well, testing his new bait taking a 20, and lovely 30 and another new 50 for us here at Gigantica in the form of the impressive Sparky at 53lb proving his new bait works fairly well !

A tough week for all other anglers, with the fish proving very nomadic and moving on the wind very quickly we all struggled. I had my close friend Liam Mason working with me but fishing through the night but Liam had had a difficult week after being plagued by bream, his Bait works Atlantic heat boilie proving very attractive. It all paid off on the last night when Liam moved onto the wind and caught a stunning 28+ mirror literally hours befor home time showing you should never give up, very good angling, well done mate !

So another week over with, not so many captures but a few decent ones, one of which is another new 50, it astonds me how many new big fish are coming through, this autumn is going to be amazing.

As usual guys, be safe, be lucky.