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  • Derek with 'Gutbucket' @ 56.06
  • Darren with Pips at 54lb 6oz from Pole Position in August 2011
  • Darren with 'The Galay' @ 60.10

Derek with 'Gutbucket' @ 56.06


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Available Spaces
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Angler Comments

Welcome back Gents,

Another week of highs and lows, blanks and PBs.

First of, Darren Oates drewq Pole position and duely got amongst em from day one, logging captures of 20,30,50 & 60lb fish. Nearly all fish were PBs for Darren including a stunning 38lb common but the highlight of the week for Darren must be when he banked  the impressive 'Pips' last caught the previous year at low 40s. However, Darren shocked us all when the Reubens punched past the 50 mark all the way round too 56.04 lb !!

A huge increase but quite a regualr occurance here at Gigantica. A new PB for Darren but that didnt last long, as he went on too capture a simply stunning fish, known as 'the Galaxy' its last recorded capture 2 years previous at 38lb by a hugely impressive 60.10lb !!! A very impressive weight gain, a new PB and another new 60 for us here at Gigantica. Very impressive.

Craig in 'Alcatraz' fished etremely well all week but failed to make the score sheet, Paul in 'the Beach' did though, with a nice mid 20, his only capture but im sure he'll be back and settle the score.

We had a fist this week, 3 anglers from Ireland ! a very long journey saw John, Billy & Derek draw Co's, Big Southerly and Stink. Unfortunately, John in Co's didnt make the score card and Billy, unlucky on the very last morning by losing one but Derek, in Stink saved the day after a early week lose by banking the 'gutbucket'@ an impressive 56.06lb, a new PB for the Emerald Isle angler.

Unfortunately, Steve, Debbie & Kevin failed to get amongst them on what proved a difficult week for them.

So, there you go, a week of highs and lows......but thats fishing eh !?

As usual, be safe, be lucky.