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Available Spaces
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Angler Comments

Welcome back Gents,

Simply put, a tough week. Why ? Im a little unsure to be honest. Though the weather was changable, it was quite good for fishing. However, its played its part. A few chilly evenings put paid to night zigging and a few chances later by the end of the week on zigs wernt converted.

However, Gage managed another fish, this being the second session hes caught on. Only a mid 20, but a fish never the less on a tough week.

Rob & Liz in 'Alcatraz' suffered a blank, even though there were fish in front of the swim, just a little further out than Rob could manage.

Dave, well, less we say on that the better. Smile Dave, its a record ( private joke ). Ian agaian in 'Beach' managed another fish, this time he got a chance to see and remember it, unlike the brown thing last time.

Dutch John, broke his 100% record and failed to make the score sheet even though he is very privaliged.

Rob on 'Co's' called me mid week, with a fish having caught his other lines, he was now snagged and thinking the fish had slipped away. Once there, Rob gained a small amount of line and confirmed there actually was a fish tethered to his other lines. I slipped into the water with the net upto my shoulders and by using the net float, managed to net the fish for Rob, a beautiful 30.06 fish, his only of the week.

Glen, the shy little flower he is, managed to snare a few in Big Southerly, obviously he wouldnt have caught anything other than a cold if I hadnt given him much of my expertise. Ending the week with 4 fish, a couple of loses and the weeks biggest fish at 35+  Lucky for him Im as generous as I am or he would have surely blanked his ass off. Unfortunately, Ricky in Stink, did. he fished hard though and if he hadnt had to run down to Glens swim every night to chase away the 'wildlife' he might of had chance to catch one.

Adam, in Alamo, lost one, and a bream but unfortunately not the score sheet. Simon, the dog lover, in Oblivion did manage to though, with an absolutely stunning full scaled, taking his French virginity ! Well done Si.

So a tough week, but great company and had a hilarious week, thanks lads.

As usual, be safe, be lucky.