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Available Spaces
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One of the most sought after swims on the Main Lake, named after DF’s favourite swim on Elstow 1. Has a fantastic view right across the lake.

Prevailing Wind Easterlies, NE comes straight across the lake at you. Southerly and SW winds make casting at range a lot easier.
Average Depth 22 Feet with shallower margins.

Hot Areas

In 2018, 27/28 RL left of “The Stink” accounted for the majority of the fish. 23 RL to the hump at Scottie’s Corner when the wind is blowing at you. 31 RL at Big Southerly is a lovely hard area.


One of the most productive open water swims, it has acres of water, which can be a bit daunting for the less experienced anglers who sometimes fish it. In 2018 a longer-range approach was certainly the best way to fish it. To get the best from the swim you need to be able to fish and bait-up effectively in all weather conditions at 27 wraps. We regularly see people become frustrated when the weather conditions deteriorate and they can’t reach the spot they started fishing at the start of the week.

Notable Captures

The session of the year (for big fish) in 2018 fell to Gareth Radley on the Korda trip. He landed five fish, but what a group of fish they were. Two Time (64lb), Galaxy (63lb), Shoulder’s (56lb), and two rarely caught scaley’s. All from 27.5 RL left of Stink. Sam Jones also landed thirteen fish in his August 2018 trip. Baiting the 27.5 wrap spot, he put in 10kg of Sticky Krill boilies a day to keep the bites coming.