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Baxter's Hole

Baxter's Hole


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12


Named after Adam Baxter the Monster Carp Director and Editor. Apparently quite a few Korda anglers spend a bit of time in 'Baxter’s Hole' during the course of a year!

Prevailing Wind NE, E, SE
Average Depth 23 feet with shallower margins

Hot Areas

20 RL at “The Stink” has been the most productive mark in recent times. 8 RL down the righthand margin. 14 RL at Big Girls. 14 RL left of Co’s Point.


Designed to be a short to medium range swim only. The longest cast you need to make is 20 RL, and quite often the fish will be well inside this mark. When you plot up in Baxter’s, concentrate on the water in your swim and don’t be distracted by the big blue yonder. When the fish turn up in the swim, they are very catchable. A wider spread of bait to hold them in the area is definitely to your advantage in the warmer months. Don’t spread the lines too wide, and keep to a maximum of two baited spots. The Immaculate Common spends a lot of time between Bob’s Beach and Baxter’s as it’s last two September captures demonstrate.

Notable Captures

One of the best sessions ever on the lake was from this swim by Geoff Maskell. Coming out of the draw last, he didn’t really fancy the swim, but it turned out to be the session of a lifetime, when he landed eight originals, including Spence’s at 62lb and the mighty Immaculate Common at 76lb.