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Available Spaces
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Named after the terminology DF uses when fishing at extreme range ‘Oblivion’! In fact, it is no longer necessary to fish Oblivion at extreme range. Most bites tend to come between 20 and 28 wraps. This swim usually has patches of weed, so casting around a pronged lead prior to committing to a spot is essential.

Prevailing Wind Westerly, SW and NW
Average Depth 22 Feet

Hot Areas

25-28 wraps big tree left of Beach. 27-28 wraps at Alcatraz. 15 wraps at Baxter's. 6 wraps down the right hand margin at Big Southerly.


Large beds of potamogeton can spring up between this swim and The Alamo, and also between this swim and Big Girls. When this occurs you will need to dump the lead and play the fish pretty hard to steer them away from these beds of weed. If the fish do get behind these weed beds you will need to call a bailiff to go out in a boat and hopefully free it; but play them hard and you should have no problems. Large clear areas remain between 20 and 30 wraps with the area around 27 -29 wraps being the most consistently fished and therefore, the most productive. As with most of the open water swims, this swim should be fished with all 3 rods close together with probably 6-8ft between each hookbait. The short range spot at 6 wraps has done some big fish the last few years, so is always worth priming with bait and then dropping onto during the week.

Notable Captures

This swim has done virtually every big fish in the lake over the years. Probably the most notable was the capture was of Robert's Fish at 69lb 8oz by Jesse James in December 2017. A truly epic capture.