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Bob's Beach

Bob's Beach


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Available Spaces
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Originally named “The Beach” after DF’s favourite swim on Walthamstow No.2. Latterly changed to Bob’s Beach after the late Bob Pallen. It didn’t matter where Bob came out in the draw, he always ended up in The Beach. RIP Bob….

Prevailing Wind Easterlies, SE blow straight into the Beach.
Average Depth 23 feet with shallower margins

Hot Areas

21/22 RL at Stink or Alamo does the majority or the fish, but they will certainly come in closer. 14 RL towards the headland off the stock ponds is another good one rod spot.


Designed to be a short to medium range swim only. The longest cast you need to make is 25 RL, and quite often the fish will be well inside this mark. A comfortable swim for those who don’t want to fish at long range, as it is off the back of the wind a lot of the time. Produces fish all year round, and has done fish in the winter in recent times. One of the biggest draws of the swim is that the Immaculate Common spends a lot of time between Bob’s Beach and Baxter’s as it’s last two September captures demonstrate.

Notable Captures

In 2018 the session of the year came to first time visitor Rob Dungate when he landed eight originals all over 30lb when the swim had been seemingly unproductive in the weeks leading up to it. A heavy baiting strategy paid off handsomely. The other two notable captures in 2018 were the mighty Immaculate Common at 80lb and Fudgy’s at 80lb!