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The Stink

The Stink


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Available Spaces
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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12


One of the best big fish swims on the lake, with a track record for throwing up the real bigguns. This is a swim that is sometimes overlooked in the draw, but is one of the most productive swims, especially in the spring.

Prevailing Wind Southerly, Westerly and SW
Average Depth 23 Feet

Hot Areas

15 wraps right of Alcatraz. 25-28 wraps to the big tree left of Beach. 15 wraps to the corner of Treeline.


The weed growth can be significant, but does change during the season and as a result so the productive areas will also change. It is definitely worth casting a lead around the swim to see if there are other clear areas. This is a swim that fishes well with the wind in its face because of the prevailing south westerly and westerly winds but it will also produce bites when the wind is off your back, especially late in the season. This swim comes alive at night even when it is seemingly devoid of fish during in the day; you'll be amazed at how many fish show after dark and at very close range.

Notable Captures

Every one of the 70 and 80lb fish have been caught from The Stink; and most of the 60's as well. There are so many notable captures, we can't list them all! It's safe to say, The Stink is an awesome swim!