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Stock Pond

Stock Pond


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Available Spaces
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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12


The first swim you see as you enter the Main Lake, and so called as it is located next to the largest of our stock ponds which hold the babies we are growing into monsters for the future. A comfortable swim which is located next to the club house and facilities.

Prevailing Wind Northerlies, NE & NW blow into the corner of the bay.
Average Depth 22 feet with shallower margins.

Hot Areas

21 RL into the far right corner off the raised area. 16 RL at Oblivion. 6 RL down the right hand margin. 11 RL half way down the stock pond bank.


Although it is one of the corner swims, it commands a lot of water, but is a swim which actually fishes better, at short to medium range. People do fish out as far as 26 RL, but this has the effect of cutting off the bay, which is the best feature of the swim.

Notable Captures

This swim is prime real-estate in the spring months as the fish explore the margins and the shallower water. In 2018 it was 'the' swim to be in and produced fish week after week through the early part of the year and into July. Shoulder’s came from here on a couple of occasions along with lots of scaley stunners such as Wodka, Stoneacres, Equalled and Secret Sundaze. It has also produced a November capture of Fudgy’s at 86lb 8oz.