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The Treeline

The Treeline


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12


Originally named because of the snaggy tree line that ran all the way down the left-hand margin. In recent times we have removed the snags to improve the fishing.

Prevailing Wind Easterlies, SE blow straight into the Treeline corner and margin.
Average Depth Under tree line is 12 feet, bottom of the shelf is about 15 and out in the bay is 23 feet.

Hot Areas

Anywhere along the tree line margin and down the gradually sloping shelf. 23 RL towards The Stink. 14 RL Towards Alamo


Designed to be a short to medium range swim only. The longest cast you need to make is 25 RL, and nearly always the fish will be well inside this mark. A comfortable swim for those who don’t want to fish at long range, as it is off the back of the wind a lot of the time. Has the credentials to produce fish all year round, but rarely does the theory get practiced. Great for watching the fish at close quarters, and we regularly see huge fish cruising the margins. The big scaley 'Fred' is a Treeline regular and is often seen mooching around. There’s not many scaley near sixty pounders in Europe, so if you want to target one, this could be the swim for you.

Notable Captures

In 2018 the best session was enjoyed by Mark White who fished the open water at 23 RL towards Stink and had four originals, the best being “Pips” at 66lb. Patient angling is usually rewarded in the Treeline. Dave Bendall managed to land three fish by casting PVA sticks at showing fish in the dark, one of which was “The Survivor” at over 50lb.